Taiyuan: where there is snow and ice everywhere love snowman

2022-09-02 0 By

The holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has made people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports ever higher.In recent days, reporters visited many scenic spots in Taiyuan and surrounding areas, where there is snow and ice, all love snowman.Most of the children’s ice and snow entertainment projects in Laiwen Town Of Yangqu County ice and snow king, snow flying saucer, snowmobile, snow tank danger stimulation, sledding, snowball makes people fun.”We launched the ice and snow theme activities, and set up taiyuan city’s first ski cableway, open night, the whole ski light coverage, and opened a ski training class, to meet the snow and ice experience of skiing enthusiasts of different levels.”According to the statistics of Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, with the holding of the Winter Olympic Games, the tourist attractions and scenic spots including ice and snow are extremely popular, and both the number of tourists and tourism income have increased significantly compared with previous years.