Chen Rumao inspects the county’s guaranteed water and electricity supply and grass-roots community duty during the Spring Festival (photo)

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January 31 in the afternoon, the county party committee secretary Chen Rumao to ChangJiang tigers of water industry co., LTD. Hebei waterworks ChangJiang power supply bureau, hainan power grid company and ShiLiu Town north community, is the county water and electricity supply during the Spring Festival and grass-roots services, inspection personnel on duty situation, request the department concerned should strengthen management, help solve hidden trouble, do a good job in the people’s livelihood security work,To ensure that the whole county has a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year.In Hebei water Plant of Changjiang Hongyuan Water Industry Co., LTD., Chen Rumao talked with the staff, read the book, checked the use of water quality testing equipment in the water plant, and understood the water quality monitoring standards, water source advanced treatment process and personnel management rules and regulations.And the Spring Festival water plant during the safety of water supply and personnel on duty.He stressed that water supply is inseparable from people’s life and production, and ensuring water supply safety is a livelihood project.The staff should do their duty, keep good guard, strengthen the operation and maintenance of equipment, strictly implement the responsibility of safe production, to ensure the safety and normal water supply during the Spring Festival of the county, to provide security for the general public to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.In Changjiang Power Supply Bureau of Hainan Power Grid Company, Chen Rumao went to the power dispatching control center to learn about power grid operation, peak load period, personnel on duty and power supply emergency repair preparations in detail.He stressed that the county during the Spring Festival electricity consumption is large, the power supply bureau to take precautions to carry out hidden trouble investigation, do a good emergency plan, timely and effective disposal of emergencies.On duty personnel to stick to their posts, scientific scheduling, ensure power supply, ensure safety, ensure the stability of electricity supply throughout the county during the Spring Festival.In Shishi Town, Chengbei community, Chen Rumao detailed understanding of community personnel during the Spring Festival on duty.Communities are the basic unit of urban governance and the forefront of serving the people, he said.During the Spring Festival, the community should continue to put the safety and well-being of the people in mind, and earnestly solve the problems of the people, so that they can spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.County party committee standing committee, deputy county magistrate Wu Zhenrong, deputy county magistrate Zhao Hengjiang accompanied inspection.Reporter/Feng Dingkun, Li Su, Editor/He Laidi