At 4:51 on February 4, she was coming to Tai ‘an!

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The start of Spring falls on the first day of the sixth Lunar Month this year. At this time of year, the spring breeze warms the earth, and the warm sun wakes up and gives rise to vitality.All incipience light step “connect” decorated leisurely walking towards us spring is the first twenty-four solar terms to throttle spring represents the spring but affected by the strong cold air cool wind, still is the main melody of the season only visited the strong cold air gap will appear more clearly the rise of temperature of 4, the day with snow flurries taian local Tai’an City meteorological station 3, the latest in the afternoonWeather forecast, affected by the cold air, tai ‘an local snow showers in the daytime on January 4, the north wind increased, the wind chill effect is obvious, outdoor attention to add clothes to keep warm.On the night of 3rd to 4th, it will be cloudy, with some snow flurries, north winds from 2nd to 3rd to 4th gusts from 5th to 6th, lake winds from 4th to 5th gusts from 6th, -4 to 3 degrees.The start of Spring on Thursday marks the start of the cycle of solar terms.The beginning of Spring is the beginning of early spring. How should the public keep in good health?At this time, people should pay close attention to the weather change in time, and do not wear less clothes immediately because of the sudden rise in temperature, otherwise, once the cold wave suddenly comes, it will be caught off guard.For their own health, should hold the bottom line of “spring wu”.In spring, the weather is cold and dry.Spring liver qi wang, the diet should be light, mellow, should eat xinwen divergent, Quyin cold and other warm tonic food;Make sure you drink enough water every day to boost your metabolism.Eat less heat sex, spicy, acid or the food that causes allergy easily, rise in case irascibility, affect spleen and stomach to carry change.At this time, we should also comply with the characteristics of Yang qi, sleep late and get up early appropriately, and protect Yang qi in the transition from “nourishing Yin in autumn and winter” to “nourishing Yang in spring and summer”.After the start of Spring, infectious diseases enter the season of frequent occurrence. People should exercise more, ventilate frequently, wash often, and avoid going to crowded places, so as to do self-protection at all times.Summary: Xinhua News Agency, Tai ‘an Meteorological Bureau