Tian Jingcheng family pet, Weiwei valentine’s Day gold necklace, Qiqi Yueyue roses

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Tian Jing and Wei Wei, from nothing to the establishment of a family, also experienced a lot of ups and downs.When Wei Wei said, Tian Jing had given birth to two children for their family, and had a house to shelter from wind and rain, but returned the result.From tian Jing’s behavior in the Feb. 8 incident, we can see that she is a very intelligent woman with high eq.If she live with goods, often mentioned Xu Ma and Du Ma, and even evaluated 28 events, but will let a person feel rubbing heat.In the February 8th incident, Tian Jing has been avoiding suspicion, because she has embarked on the road of live broadcasting, respect the industry.Those Internet celebrities who, in order to sell goods, pull and step on others to live the fight, are really enjoying the popularity, no one will watch them live without telling stories.Livestream with goods should be simple, because your product quality is good, so people like to buy your things, rather than feel sorry for you, want to help you.Tian Jing and Wei Wei are not poor, also never sell miserably, others can not black them.After the adoption of weiwei, become a lot more naive than before, but netizens like him more now.As the hero of the family, Tian Jing has also become a family pet, her husband’s family are very good to her, her husband is considerate and their children are sensible, do not mention how happy.On Valentine’s Day, Wei Wei gave Tian Jing a rose gold necklace, no matter how much the necklace is worth, it is his heart.Looking at him to wear a necklace to Tian Jing, small wife shy appearance, Qiqi Yueyue could not help but be jealous, want to compete with my father.Qiqi presents the rose that he and Yueyue have prepared, a transparent glass cover, inside is pink rose, especially beautiful in the hand.Tian Jing was touched by the child’s thoughtfulness. Wei Wei didn’t wear the necklace at that time and seemed a little unskilled.Tian Jing was held in the palm of the hand by the whole family, this moment of love more profound experience, before those efforts, in fact, are not in vain.It doesn’t matter whether the Internet users understand or not, and it doesn’t matter what relatives and friends think, as long as the whole family understands.Xu Ma has been standing on the side of Tian Jing, love dearly daughter-in-law for the family to make everything.To know that Wei Wei’s work income is not high, usually can not help his wife with the children, all things at home, almost a person in the busy Tian Jing.Tian’s life has become busier since the live broadcast, but she doesn’t ignore her children. Instead, she often accompanies them to study.The couple can have the present life, Tian Jing’s efforts are indispensable, Xu Ma will only feel happy, how can blame it?Those who intend to alienate tian and Xu, do not know what Ann’s heart, may be sent to trouble behind the scenes.Even if they do not live with goods, there will be others, as long as the quality of the products sold is fine, why can’t it be accepted?So many network red, most are PXX porters, cheap products after the price of sales, deceive the masses.And Tian Jing live with goods so long, few because of product quality complaints, that she is conscience net red.No matter who brings the goods, the customers only care about whether the goods are worth it or not, and whether they lose money when they buy them home.As long as Tian Jing and Wei Wei continue to live, no matter whether the February 8th incident is over or not, we hope that everyone will not slander, support if you like, shield if you don’t like, if you really buy fake goods, complaints can be understood!This article is the author’s original, unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited offenders will investigate!