Yangtze Three Gorges 1, the world’s largest pure electric cruise ship with a range of 100 kilometers on a single charge, has made its maiden voyage

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Source: People’s Daily online Original draft of the People’s Daily in Beijing on March 30 (reporter yan-fei du) the reporter learns from the three gorges group, China’s independent development of new energy pure electric ship “the Yangtze river three gorges 1″ 29 in zigui Newport maiden voyage in yichang of hubei, in promoting the electrochemical process of the Yangtze river, accelerating the development of inland waterway transport green low carbon, demonstration significance.According to reports, the cruise ship can be fully charged in 6 hours by using clean water and electricity, and can sail 100 kilometers on a single charge. It can replace 530 tons of fuel every year and reduce harmful gas emissions by more than 1,600 tons. It is the world’s most powerful and intelligent new energy pure electric cruise ship.”Three Gorges 1” enters the three Gorges ship lift.According to the official of the Three Gorges Corporation, “Changjiang Three Gorges 1″ is 100 meters long, 4 stories high, designed to carry 1,300 passengers, with large battery capacity, more passenger seats, and high intelligence level.The ship is the ministry of industry and high technology Marine scientific research project and the Ministry of Transport traffic power pilot project, hubei three gorges tourism group by yichang city group and the Yangtze river three gorges group electric power construction, the domestic university, research institute and the common cooperated-builing electric ship design development manufacturing unit, with independent intellectual property rights.”Three Gorges 1” entered the downstream channel through the three Gorges ship lift.According to the official, the cruise ship has adopted an advanced DC network control system and pioneered the application of 10 kv high-voltage charging technology in inland waters.In terms of battery power system, the design, development and integration of the whole power system have been completed jointly by Three Gorges Group and Fenxi Heavy Industry Co., LTD., and localization has been realized.The ship is equipped with 15 independent battery packs of Ningdek Times Power battery, which has a total capacity of 7,500 kilowatt-hours, equivalent to the battery capacity of more than 100 electric cars.The Yangtze Three Gorges 1 made its maiden voyage.It is understood that in 2018, Changjiang Electric Power co., Ltd. initiated the scientific research project of “Research on electrification of Electricity and Ships at Yangtze Port” to promote the electric ship project.In 2019, Yangtze Power signed an agreement with Yichang Jiaoyun Group to cooperate in building electric ships.Construction of the electric boat began in December 2020.It was successfully launched in December 2021.After the cruise ship is put into operation, it will be mainly used for the two DAMS and one Gorge, yichang Yangtze River night tour, three Gorges ship lift and other tourist routes, and has the function of yichang city riverside tour, international academic conference and other activities.