Being cheated out of thousands of dollars and threatened with “exposure”, how dare you ask for “help”?

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A price of thousands of yuan “essay writing” service, the final receipt is a freshman to write the “life of the first paper”, want to return the money, the other party but “disappeared”.Every school season or graduation season, lurking in each campus group and e-commerce platform, social platform essay writing group will become active, “professional generation write” “Shuobo team” and other words are common.Especially from March to June every year, under the double pressure of graduation and job hunting, essay writing volume and price is always “rising”.Many essay writing services “pit” of college students told reporters that they were less cheated hundreds of dollars, more were cheated thousands of dollars, “basic impossible to get the money back, the other party also threatened to find school and network exposure.What kind of grey industrial chain is hidden behind this after all?Pressure to find generation to write for short cuts against the scam reporters found in the investigation, although several major e-commerce platforms, forums and so on have put an end to “essay writing” and other related search, but hidden “essay writing” business still exists, “essay writing” institutions means more hidden.Students and businesses will still use words like “writing guidance” and “essay writing” to avoid risks.At the same time, in the network search box input another similar keywords, such as “paper writing”, there will be “we help you write papers” “paper guidance” and other topics and groups, nearly half of the posts are about looking for essay writing, recruitment writers and other content.In the generation of writing of the type of article, the university of general courses and extended class papers tend to be higher proportion.But there are also some students because of their own research ability is limited, “desperate risk” spend a lot of money to ask writers to write their graduation thesis.Students who think they have found a shortcut to writing essays are actually stepping into a scam.Li Ran (pseudonym), who graduated from a college in Zhejiang province last year, recalls the experience of finding someone to write her graduation thesis for her. She is still frustrated.”Because of graduation thesis do not know how to start, and the time to hand in the paper is getting closer and closer, so the initiation of someone to write the idea.At the beginning, I found a ghostwriter on the e-commerce platform, but the manuscript was handed in late, and the final manuscript had a high repetition rate.I then found another team, who claimed to be a professional master and doctoral team, but they sent me articles with confusing logic and a high repetition rate.”Li Ran said that she had to admit defeat after taking several thousand yuan in total.In fact, thousands of yuan is just the price of writing undergraduate graduation thesis.Recently, the reporter as a customer close to write team found that if the generation write master and doctoral graduation thesis, the cost is as high as tens of thousands of yuan.The reporter also contacted a university in Beijing 5 students who have looked for generation writing, they are from science and engineering, humanities and social sciences and art disciplines, generation writers are from campus groups, e-commerce platforms and second-hand trading platforms.Their experience of deception has the following common problems: the repetition rate is too high.All of the students interviewed said that at the initial stage of contact, the writer or intermediary would reply “after writing the article, check it again and then hand in the manuscript to the client” to reassure the client.But the vast majority of the final hand of the paper is copy and paste, and the review report given by the writer is either in the informal free review website testing issued, or is directly false P map erase real data.Starting price on the floor.After the manuscript is handed in, the customer finds that the quality of the article is not up to standard and requires rectification. The writer says that if he wants to modify the article, he will have to pay again. Otherwise, it will not be modified.After the article is written, the customer finds that the article is an encrypted file can not be opened normally or needs to be opened by other payment channels. At this time, the customer often needs to pay an extra fee as the “browsing fee” of the article.False “packaging”.”University professor” and “professional master and doctoral team” are common “titles” for writers and agencies, but the quality of the final article is not the same as advertised.Lin Lang (pseudonym) is a sophomore in a university in Beijing, due to the usual heavy homework, in order to complete the course paper, he will find someone to write on the Internet, the final result to the thesis is not satisfactory, typeset chaos.Later, he found out that it was a freshman who had ghostwritten his first college paper.Threaten the buyer.After being cheated, the five students interviewed all went to ask the writer or the agency’s customer service, and ended up in a bad way. They were either blocked by the other party, or found that the shop had been “empty”, and some were even threatened by the other party to upload their articles to the Internet or tell their teachers.Finally, students who look for ghostwriting often choose to secretly eat a dull loss.Reporters asked these 5 students whether they want to safeguard their “rights and interests”, they unanimously replied that “dare not”, because looking for ghostwriting itself is a wrong choice, once exposed consequences more serious.Writer base is very large just for speed regardless of professional in the whole industry chain of essay writing, writer base is huge, this group according to the needs of customers to produce text manuscripts, to earn fees.”I first got into ghostwriting because I wanted to earn some pocket money and living expenses.This line of entry threshold is not high, is a relatively simple sideline operation.”Into the line of 3 years of writers small static told reporters, because it is a low threshold, so when writers of what people have.Reporter survey found that the working mode of the writer mainly includes two types: the first type is backed by a big tree.This kind of writer is behind the intermediary team, in the essay writing industry chain, the intermediary itself can not directly provide generation writing services for customers, but for customers to find and arrange writers to write, they not only master a large number of customer resources, but also manage a large number of writers.This reporter entered a writer group named group 5 by adding the contact information of the other party through a post on the company’s social media platform to recruit writers.In the early stage of the group, the other party simply asked the reporter’s education and professional, asked the reporter to provide his telephone number and corresponding works.After confirming the basic situation of the reporter, the other party sent the reporter a detailed “writer part-time cooperation rules”, said that “private orders and private add customer wechat”, “always online reply to customer messages”, “strictly in accordance with the agreed time”, “maintenance of praise rate” and so on.According to the team’s rules, the more highly rated the writer, the more stable the quality of the client, enjoy priority in order to get higher settlement rewards.Reporter investigation found that “prohibit private contact with customers”, this is almost all intermediary requirements to cooperate with the writer must abide by the iron law.This type of model also includes intermediary and writer cooperation, common in long-term engaged in essay writing intermediary.In order to be safe, they no longer set up a group of writers, but choose to send orders alone or in the circle of friends, and those willing to accept the orders will communicate with agents separately.The reporter contacted a “professional” responsible for essay writing intermediary meters teacher.Mi asked the reporter if he could write an essay on a subject other than his academic background.According to him, the point is not to write a paper how professional, whether to the topic is not important, but to be fast, on time.The second type is solo.After working with agencies for a while, some writers decide to go it alone, mostly because they want to earn more money.Small quiet just contact is junior in essay writing, adopts the model of cooperation with the mediation, then once she privately with customer contact, only to find that the mediation between the customer and writers earn more than 50% of the price, “and increasing the number of writers in the group, every single average price has dropped, who earn less and less, and the mediation as a middleman,It’s not just a group of writers, it’s a huge profit.”These intermediary teams, which manage a large number of writers, are often scattered in a large scale on e-commerce platforms, social platforms and various campus groups.Usually, they will use some professional names to show their professionalism, such as “xx education”, “XX Technology Co., LTD”, “XX studio” and so on.Reporters in the writer group found that the intermediary team of writing papers were respectively by the promotion staff, personnel commissioner, single personnel and reception personnel.Promotion staff to the university student groups to promote the generation of writing team, looking for customers;The hr specialist manages the writer;Send single personnel in the writers in the ghostwrite assignment;Receptionists, on the other hand, are responsible for a range of tasks to maintain customer relations and favorable reviews.The team uses different social media accounts for different groups of people and is careful about who the writer’s identity comes from.Reporter investigation found that some intermediaries because of cheating students and writers have been exposed by a large number of complaints, but “reinventing” is still active in the e-commerce platform and campus groups, “business” wind rising.There are also agents who contract an entire “production line” of writing and publishing papers in academic journals, often at a higher price.A journal network customer service staff said, the company an article package to write package hair price of 7500 yuan, which write a 4000 characters to 5000 characters of the paper price of 1500 yuan, published to 6000 yuan.Once in a paper writing agent intermediary company office “Lin editor” told reporters: “now, the journal, especially the core journal is too little, the need to send a paper university personnel too much, the general author of his own magazine is not good to cast, and do not want to spend energy to write, so most will find an intermediary.For example, if you want to publish a paper in a journal or magazine, you can find an intermediary. The intermediary will charge the author a certain fee, plus you can earn extra money from the ghostwriter, which is far more than double the profit.”Want to graduate to take the right path to harvest academic fruits for writing papers chaos, the relevant departments of the state has been in action.According to the Measures for Handling Fake Dissertations (hereinafter referred to as the Measures), which came into force in 2013 by the Ministry of Education, degree applicants whose dissertations are purchased or written by others can be disqualified from applying for degrees, and degree-awarding institutions are not allowed to accept their degree applications for three years.If you are a student, your school can expel you.”Measures” also provides that for others to write dissertations, selling dissertations, belong to reading students, can be expelled from school;Those belonging to school teachers or other staff members may be dismissed or terminated from the employment contract.According to the Interim Regulations on the Handling of Irregularities in Scientific and technological Activities, which took effect on September 1, 2020, plagiarism, appropriation and tampering with others’ scientific and technological achievements, infringement of others’ intellectual property rights, buying and selling of academic papers, writing and investing on behalf of others are all illegal activities.”Crooks take advantage of the fact that it is inherently non-compliant.”Xi Peizhi, deputy secretary-general of the Juvenile Law Research Institute of The Shanghai Law Society, said.This has become the main reason why many students dare not report to the police and swallow the bitter consequences after being cheated.Graduate to get a degree to take the right path, do not always think of the wrong path.Only pour into efforts, to harvest the truth of knowledge and dream watering flowers!Source: China Police Website