The traffic environment is getting better and better. The sense of security of citizens is getting stronger and stronger

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On zebra crossings, as long as there are pedestrians, more and more vehicles will stop and wait at the same time;At intersections, more and more pedestrians wait for the red light when crossing the road, even when there is not a single passing vehicle;Communities, streets, government halls…More and more places set up the vehicle management business convenience point, the public service is more convenient……Heavy traffic on Baihua Road in downtown (file photo).Karamay Daily all media chief reporter Min Yong on February 2, police Chen Zhaodong is on patrol to see the changes in the city’s traffic environment this year, more than gratified by the sense of responsibility.Chen Zhaodong said, in the past year, he as the city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of an ordinary police, deeply feel: the city through doing a good job in road traffic accident prevention “reduction control” work, to prevent traffic safety risks, to curb group death and injury accidents, so that the city’s road traffic environment is getting better and better.(File photo) Last year, citizens’ happiness increased as 451 “urgent and anxious” problems were gradually solved. At law enforcement service stations and duty stations, police provided convenient services to passing motorists.Wuerhe district in the area set up a number of electric vehicle registration convenience service stations, citizens can handle electric vehicle registration business at home;Traffic police departments through continuous adjustment of the urban road sections of the traffic line, effectively alleviate the peak traffic pressure……Last year, the city’s traffic police service awareness continues to improve, citizens encounter difficulties to get timely help, security doubled — On July 1, 2021, Mr. Jiang, a tourist in Shanghai, drove to the G3014 highway 83 kilometers, inadvertently drove into the highway between the isolated ditch.In their anxiety, the city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment deputy detachment leader and police to help them out of the siege;At 23:42 on October 10, 2021, the police of Wuwu Xinzhen Traffic Police Brigade, in order to fight for the treatment time for a child whose wrist was cut, not only opened a green channel for them by linkage with the toll station, but also drove all the way in front of the road and sent the child to Kuitun Hospital for treatment in the shortest time…Last year, convenient business points continue to increase, the implementation of the vehicle management office on weekdays delayed work, weekends, holidays on duty and other staggered services, so that the public to handle the vehicle management related business more convenient.”In the future, we will continue to uphold the patient, careful and enthusiastic working attitude, through practical actions for the high-quality development of the city’s transportation.”Chen zhaodong said.Source: Karamay Daily all media reporter Guo Xuemei correspondent Yang Jiangping