French salary league: The top 10 are all in Paris

2022-08-30 0 By

We’ve taken a look at the best paid players in the “big four” leagues, but today we’re looking at the situation in France.What is the monthly salary of the top 10 highest-paid players in Ligue 1, all of whom play for Paris Saint-Germain?Before real Madrid, the Italian was considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world;But in the Champions League, he made more than one serious mistake;Not to mention Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup.His €916,000 monthly salary, which had seemed low, now seems high.The Dutchman, who joined PSG from Liverpool in 2021, has made 31 appearances for Paris and is also paid 916,000 euros a month.Di Maria is a fan favorite in Paris, but despite that, he earns less than 1 million euros a month.Di Maria earns just 950,000 euros a month.7. Navas – one of the favourites for the Champions League match against Real Madrid, earning 1 million euros a monthHe now sits on the bench, earning €1m a month.Is Navas leaving?Ashraf is one of Paris’ new signings for this season, earning a modest 1.08 million euros a month.Velatti is one of the most sought-after midfielders in football and his vision and ability are worth 1.2 million euros a month.The Brazilian defender is the backbone of Paris’ defence, which is why the club is paying him 1.2 million euros a month.One of the most dangerous strikers in football today, mbappe is third on the list with a salary of 2.22 million euros.He left Barcelona in surprising fashion, earning 3.37 million euros a month in Paris, though dreams of winning the Champions League with the Greater Paris have been shattered.Neymar is the highest paid player on the Paris team and the highest in Ligue 1, earning 4.08 million euros a month.