100 words brief comment on kunming TOP10 housing enterprises

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Today is February 4th, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, which means the Spring Festival holiday is already halfway through.This year’s Spring Festival, I do not know whether we have such feelings: children used to be happy to press the old link, the corresponding shrinkage.Visiting relatives and friends, all kinds of difficult exchanges become mutual comfort.Indeed, it is quite normal for the Chinese New Year, when money is hard to make, to be reflected in some small links, such as the impulse to hand out lucky money.After all, life is not easy, it takes understanding!Similarly, in terms of the real estate industry, the past 2021 has also experienced different hardships, with some housing enterprises falling down, some housing enterprises still struggling, and some housing enterprises choosing to lie down completely…In fact, as early as the beginning of this year, some building fans suggested that we should make a summary of kunming’s real estate enterprises. Now, it is not too late to come back during the Spring Festival holiday.Because, the fate of Kunming real estate enterprises, in 2022 directly with the kunming home buyers closely linked.In fact, there are not many real estate enterprises in Kunming to make comments on.In order to make it easier to delineate the scope and more representative of the kunming market, we adopt the TOP10 commercial housing enterprises in 2021 sales amount announced by kunming housing association, and make brief comments in turn, which is a summary of the performance of kunming housing enterprises in 2021!Junfa Group is the presence of Kunming and even the whole yunnan real estate market.It is the representative of the “three” enterprises in the local market with many projects, large amount of sales and large land reserve, and is also one of the enterprises with the largest sales volume of more than 1,000 mu in kunming market.As a local leading enterprise, Junfa, the “big brother”, plays a role of market vane in Kunming market. Even in the market environment of ups and downs in the second half of 2021, its corresponding actions can always cause a lot of “shock” in the market.From the perspective of the future market, its considerable land reserve will certainly make it have more say in the Kunming market in 2022.Yunnan Vanke in 2021 turbulent market, Yunnan Vanke in the local performance is relatively stable.Although it is not the largest number of projects in Kunming, it is recognized as the enterprise that can sell premium most.From the perspective of 2021, Yunnan Vanke has no corresponding land in its books, but in fact it has a certain land reserve, especially for its heavy warehouse exhibition area. Yunnan Vanke has considerable commercial land reserve.In this regard, some even say that “2022 will be the first year of Vanke’s commercial explosion in Kunming market”.Vanke is not good at business operation, I hope to change the inherent impression of Kunming people on Vanke.Speaking of Evergrande, it must be the “surprise” of 2021.Evergrande fell from the “altar” of brand real estate enterprises worth hundreds of billions of yuan. Evergrande only used one tactic: Evergrande Financial management.From the initial “thunderclap” to the “guarantee to pay”, evergrande’s new trends are affecting the hearts of the majority of owners.Evergrande’s situation in 2021, to a certain extent, is also a true portrayal of Chinese real estate enterprises.I don’t want to say much, but I only hope that the projects of Evergrande Yunnan development can be resumed as soon as possible, and those that are resumed can be delivered as soon as possible, so as to give owners an explanation.Sunac’s expansion in Kunming, and even in Yunnan, is no less impressive than that of its successors.Want to know, its once also was the kunming market to contend for one to protect two main son.However, compared with the rapid expansion in the previous two years, Sunac has slowed down its pace in Kunming.Especially with sunac Chunfeng Shili, Junting Yundi, Bright Zhenyue and other projects sold out, the projects in hand are changing from old to new, losing their edge in the turbulent market.As Sunac Culture Travel City (Phase I), which has long topped the list, comes to an end, sunac obviously needs to find projects with better performance to maintain its initiative in the following fierce competition.Yunnan Country Garden may be hard to find if you are not careful. In 2021, country Garden, known to Kunming people as the “master of taking over”, did not register a single piece of land.On the other hand, in kunming market, there are all kinds of voices that Country Garden is ready to quit.Obviously, from the various performances of Country Garden, we can see some active contraction intention, perhaps, it is also a normal response to the market changes.Of course, as a big player in the past, Country Garden has no shortage of houses in Kunming. The dazzling multi-plate linkage promotion can also bring some excitement to the market.The real estate company, which lets the whole country know how many counties there are in China, has continued to implement the strategy of “encircling the city from the countryside” to accelerate the sale of houses in each county. In cities such as Kunming, it can only rely on old bottles of new wine to brush its presence.However, the image of green Lake, which has been in possession for more than two years, will be an exception.The delayed project is said to be the focus of its development this year.Greenbelt Hong Kong Last year, there was a lot of news about greenbelt, but perhaps more local news was about delivery.In terms of layout, the tentacles of greenbelt in Kunming in recent years are mostly in the south, and it is more accurate to say that the development of Chenggong and Wujiaba project is the main.In terms of market performance, greenbelt seems to have entered a state of relative ego, playing its own game.So that, in many cases, its existence is more like an accessory and supplement of the market.Longhu group to tell the truth, last year the southwest housing enterprises generally had more miserable.But when it comes to who lives best in the face of adversity, Longhu is the one who deserves it.The same is true in kunming market. Longhu breaks through the market and gains a lot by virtue of its attainments in landscape and quality.In the anti – drop attribute more obvious market environment, longhu’s products do have its place of excellence.Although longhu has few projects in Kunming, it has many expectations for the future.For example, kunming’s first Era Sky Street, Longhu Era Financial Center.Of course, expect, but also on behalf of the vast number of local consumers to express their feelings: do not engage in the so-called joint development!Recruit merchants shekou investment is “central” in the head of the house enterprise relatively steady that faction.From the perspective of its projects in Kunming, except for the project of Wujiaba, most of them are taken over from Kunming Iron and Steel. Although there are not many projects on sale, the market feedback is commendable.In particular, at the end of last year, it entered the west of the city’s investment yong and fu to achieve early delivery, and the quality of delivery is widely praised, has become a real estate environment of fluctuations in a clean stream.From the follow-up point of view, its investment attraction yonglongfu in the north of Wujiaba premium land, will be the highlight of 2022 sales.In Kunming, it is not uncommon for a project to sell for more than 10 years, but to give an example of a representative project, Helenburg development of Helenburg International must be famous.Because Helen international is not only the south of Kunming urban market, it is also the first project Helen Fort entered Kunming.Although in recent years, Helenburg actively expand in Kunming, but not radical.From the perspective of project development, there seems to be a “master of rhythm” flavor, rhythm control is relatively good.Last year, kunming business brought new impression to Kunming, in addition to IKEA, relatively well-known only Helen International Helle World.Inevitably, helenburg, like vanke mentioned above, has to face the new subject of commercial development and operation along with the development process of residential projects for sale in kunming market.Apart from Wuyue Square, the impression of New City on Kunming people may be more in the economic development zone.New city lang yue, new city and yue, central South New city yun yue…It seems that Xincheng has become the one who knows the most about economic development zone.In the past, the land will be seized, the land will be seized by the premium of the open area of the myth of land, in the market changes into a glorious history.Housing enterprises represented by the new city have also become a solid guardian of the minimum threshold for entering the main city of Kunming.The above is only a brief summary of the TOP10 real estate enterprises in kunming in 2021 by consumption sum. It is based on my personal evaluation of the above real estate enterprises. If there is any deficiency, please feel free to add and share in the comments section.