Tibet’s “toilet Revolution” improves living conditions in farming and pastoral areas

2022-08-28 0 By

Lhasa, January 28 (Xinhua) — Gesang Bian JueTibet will renovate 46,600 household toilets in 2021, according to a regional meeting on agriculture and animal husbandry held by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Tibet Autonomous Region on Wednesday.In recent years, Based on the actual needs of farmers and herdsmen, Tibet has carried out the construction and renovation of toilets in both urban and rural areas, promoted the “toilet revolution” in rural areas as a whole, and improved the living environment in farming and pastoral areas.In addition, Tibet has been carrying out a continuous campaign to address problems such as substandard garbage disposal and sewage discharge, and the “dirty, chaotic and poor” environment in villages.In 2021, Tibet launched three special campaigns to clean up villages, cleaning up 67,600 tons of household and industrial waste in rural areas.Du Jie, head of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, said that the next step will be to continue the village cleaning campaign, a five-year campaign to improve the rural living environment, renovate 40,000 household toilets in accordance with local conditions, and create 220 model villages certified as beautiful and livable, to improve the living environment in farming and pastoral areas and raise the quality of life of farmers and herdsmen.(Source: Xinhua)