Mouse jump out of character bar right move out of equipment bar left move diablo 2 rework four to TP supermarket

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Peace to the world!!This is a very small detail in the game. In Chaos Shelter, we use this small detail to achieve a longer TP. In the old days, we call it four-way TP.In Diablo 2 rework, the interface is locked at a 45 degree Angle. Click the inventory and move the mouse left, but the interface is actually narrower. At this time, you can move the mouse left to the upper and lower left of the screen, and click the property interface further than normal.We don’t have a game device like 20 years ago. If you’re using a fishbelt screen, you don’t need to bother with this four-way TP. You can use nvidia’s N card Settings without a widescreen screen to achieve the same effect.The following was written before about four to use TP details don’t know if you have heard four TP to this concept, the principle clear is pretty simple, actually in the upper left lower left we can go TP, open character or task interface, our interface will be a bit of a mobile game, is on the left part will come more to the right on the fly,When we open up the inventory while flying, we have a little bit more on the right side of the game screen. What’s the use of that?The BUG supermarket allows us to fly farther, for example, before we could see 30 monsters, now we can see 50-60 monsters, depending on how fast you operate. In fact, there is another way to achieve this operation, that is, fish screen, blizzard cut 21:9 game interface display resolution, it is because the monster on the edge of the screen, players to attack a monster, monster default player is not in the scope of his business also, not attacking players, players can attack the monster without injury, blizzard anxious online games, have no time to adjust to this problem, so directly cut off the same resolution,Led to the biggest resolution, furthermore, leads to hairtail screen edge there will be a black screen, but he can still fly farther than our normal screen, displays the graphics more than our normal screen we use normal display players actually can be set by a, let us achieve hairtail screen display scale effect,Using nvidia’s N card, we changed our screen resolution from 1920*1080 by default to 1920*823 by custom, which allowed us to fly faster and farther by scaling the screen, but it caused us to have some black edges all around the screen.When we don’t need it, we can just adjust the screen scale back