The car owner looks for a generation to drive a car accident coma for many days, e generation drive “legendary” insurance?

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A man in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, has been in a coma after suffering brain stem damage and traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage due to an accident when he asked a driver to give him a ride home.The injured woman’s wife has paid tens of thousands of yuan in medical fees and she is very anxious about the cost of follow-up treatment.So should the platform pay part of the treatment cost in advance after the “proxy driving accident”?What can victims’ families do to alleviate their immediate needs?Who should pay for the damage caused by such accidents?Reporter interviewed a lawyer on these problems and insurance expert drivers driving in a car accident owners brain stem injury in ICU2 12th at 2 a.m., who lives in kunshan zhang suddenly got a call from the traffic police learned that her husband wang found a generation of drivers to drive him home, traffic accidents occurred on the way, her husband was injured, in kunshan city first people’s hospital.Zhang rushed to the hospital and learned that her husband had been in a coma.According to the hospital’s admission records, Mr. Wang was diagnosed with brain stem injury, traumatic subdural hemorrhage, traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain contusion, C7 spines fracture, aspiration pneumonia, lung contusion, respiratory failure, and soft tissue contusion.Ms. Zhang told reporters that they learned from the traffic police department that when the driver of The Times drove her husband’s car in a crossroad and to the car to have a serious collision.”There was a green light and the stand-in driver turned left. The car opposite was going straight. It was so badly hit that it was almost a write-off and the engine was falling off.”After several days in the ICU of Kunshan First People’s Hospital, Zhang and her brother transferred her husband to a hospital in Shanghai for treatment on February 15.The driver said had asked for insurance policy company said is “business secret” refused to take out February 15 afternoon, the reporter contacted the driver Chen.According to him, he started working as a part-time driver on the e-driver platform in February last year.According to Master Chen, after the accident, although he was injured, but still in the first time to the company to do a report, and apply for insurance, but encountered e representative driving company obstacles.Chen said: “As far as I know, the company insured the driver for 3 million yuan. Today I kept asking the company for the policy, but the company refused to give it to me, saying it was a ‘trade secret’.”Driver Master Chen received on behalf of the order injured wife anxiety: how to raise the next treatment costs?How to finance her husband’s next treatment?Ms. Zhang is anxious about this looming problem.She told reporters that her husband’s ICU treatment at Kunshan No. 1 People’s Hospital had cost 50,000 yuan.”Doctors in Shanghai say the cost of his treatment now is at least several thousand yuan per day, and the cost of subsequent treatment is impossible to estimate because of the brain injury, which could cause complications at any time.”Zhang’s family is in an average financial situation, with two children to take care of and thousands of yuan in mortgage payments every month.Of the 50, 000 yuan she had spent on her rescue, she had paid for some with credit card overdrafts and borrowed some from relatives.Although she can apply to the insurance company in advance to pay 18,000 yuan of compulsory insurance, but even so, it is still far from enough to meet the cost of subsequent treatment.Zhang was unhappy that neither her husband’s e-driving platform nor the driver contacted her after the accident.She told reporters that she contacted the platform to pay some of the treatment costs, but the staff who answered the phone said they would report to their leaders, and then nothing more.On the afternoon of February 15th, the reporter called the official customer service number of the E surrogate driving platform, and the staff confirmed that they had received Ms. Zhang’s accident report, and said that the relevant losses would be compensated by the insurance company insured by the platform.As for Ms. Zhang’s urgent need to solve the problem of medical expenses, the reporter asked whether the E-driving platform has a pre-payment plan for medical expenses.Staff members let reporters to the insurance company for understanding and application.As for whether the insurance company has a precedent of advance payment and how long the relevant application process takes, the staff said he did not know.The reporter also called The kunshan E driving staff Mr. Lu’s phone, the other side of the “need to report to the leadership”, “this incident by the special ‘accident investigation team’ responsible for” and other grounds, did not respond to the reporter’s questions.Later, the reporter contacted “E generation drive” Beijing headquarters is responsible for handling the traffic accident Mr. Zhang.Regarding the concerns of Mr. Wang’s family, Mr. Zhang said, “The company has paid medical expenses in advance before, but some patients’ family members did not return the money paid in advance after receiving the compensation from the insurance company, and finally nothing was done.”As for the accident, Zhang said, “If we reach an agreement with the customer and make it clear that the money will be returned to the company after receiving the insurance payment, our company is willing to pay part of the money in advance.”The lawyer suggested applying for relief fund on behalf of driving accident loss who will compensate?So, how does Ms. Zhang solve the urgent problem?The reporter interviewed Jiangsu Yicheng law firm lawyer Xu Xudong.Xu xudong believes that from the current situation, the responsibility of the accident has not been identified, so it is unlikely that the injured family will get help from the platform and the insurance company in the short term.At present, Ms. Zhang can try to apply to the rescue fund manager of the place where the traffic accident occurs to advance part or all of the rescue cost of the victim within 30 working days from the date of the road traffic accident according to the provisions of Article 12 of the Administrative Measures for Social Assistance Fund of Road Traffic Accident of Jiangsu Province.Nowadays, commercial designated driving is accepted by more and more people because of its convenience, so who should compensate for the loss of life and property caused by this?Jiangsu Gold union law firm executive director Chang Xuan lawyer told reporters that in the case of the driver to assume full responsibility, the loss of the third party is generally paid by the compulsory insurance, insufficient part of the infringed can require the vehicle commercial three liability insurance to bear, can also require the driver and his company to bear.As for the loss of people getting off the car in this case, if the vehicle is insured against the person on the car insurance, the infringed can choose to claim to the insurance company, or choose to be borne by the driver and his company;If there is no insurance, the driver and his/her company will bear all the insurance.If the agent has a liability insurance, the liability can be transferred to the insurance company.As to be infringed specific should look for acting drive square or insurance company to deal with, need to see the agreement of insurance contract.Suzhou some insurance company senior staff Peng Lady to accept an interview, to this one problem also expressed the same view.She added that if the other party is solely responsible for the accident, the insurance company insured by the other party will pay for it.Xu pointed out that the majority of commercial designated drivers are currently employed by platforms, so once traffic police determine that the driver is responsible for an accident, disputes may arise over who will ultimately compensate the injured., he said, in the event of such a situation, to the wounded treatment after verification can be performed, the victim to platform, platform, collaborative enterprise, the ginseng of insurance companies, generation of driving vehicle the driver for the defendant, civil litigation, to court to find out corresponding facts and all kinds of legal relations, make a decision after determine the compensation main body and the liability for compensation.Source: Yangtse Evening News