Saturday night’s three good news is officially out!

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Saturday night’s three good news is officially out!1. The US unexpectedly added 467,000 jobs in January, the highest in three months since October last year.Positive interpretation:January U.S. non-farm data than expected, core data is employment whether to raise interest rates in the United States, as long as the jobs data, explain America’s economic recovery is good, this time the fed would consider raising interest rates, the dollar this round of interest-rate increases speed will be a big super market expectations, on the water front is too fierce, the rhythm of the come back this time also will be very fast,It is widely estimated that there may be a 50 basis point interest rate hike in March. As long as there is an expectation of interest rate hike, the market volatility will be relatively violent, and the US stock market also experienced relatively violent fluctuations during the holiday.However, it is better that overall, or up, and there is no black swan we worry about, the probability of A shares after the festival will usher in A good start.WTI Crude futures for March delivery ended up $2.04, or 2.26%, at $92.31 a barrel, the highest since late September 2014.Positive interpretation: global oil prices hit a seven-year high. On the one hand, the global implementation of green environmental protection and a large amount of excessive currency issuance pushed up energy prices. On the other hand, geopolitical risks also accelerated the rise of oil prices.In addition, increased demand for chemicals is another important factor pushing oil prices up.With the end of the epidemic, the market demand for chemicals increased, this year’s performance of the chemical industry has seen a significant growth, especially with new energy vehicles related to the chemical increase is amazing.From an investment point of view, the oil and gas sector will be a direct beneficiary, and the sector’s performance in the first half can also be expected.The chemical industry needs to make a distinction. If the oil price rises slowly or fluctuates, it is beneficial to the chemical industry, and the rapid rise in the cost of the chemical industry increases rapidly, which is not good but bad.Brazil’s corn production may be cut to 113 million tons.Good interpretation: in recent years, the world is in turmoil, epidemic spread, floods and droughts, the emergence of these factors will naturally lead to a decline in output, agricultural country Brazil’s corn production is not a unique case, Vietnam also has the problem of grain production, this year’s food prices are likely to rise.Global output is declining, but as our country focuses on supporting agriculture in advance, our output may exceed expectations. In 2021, the grain output of Heilongjiang province, a major agricultural province, will hit a record high, accounting for one tenth of the national grain output.This year’s agricultural plate is likely to increase the amount of price, performance probability will exceed expectations.At the same time, with the development of agriculture in our country, new cultivation technologies continue to emerge, the rapid development of agricultural machinery industry, mechanization to replace the role of artificial production increase.With the increasing degree of technology, perhaps investors for the agricultural sector will usher in a revaluation of the situation, this time is often heard by the Davis double click.Looking ahead to the next week before everyone is not willing to fight, bottom-fishing funds do not enter, and after the news is positive, before the last trading low 3356.56 is the short term starting point after the Spring Festival!Because this location has reached the low area of last March!Plus the holiday peripheral market is more positive than negative, the probability will usher in a good start before the festival, if the market mood is good, it may be a direct rebound from the bottom area, even if the trend level still wants to continue to bottom, the bottom probability will not be broken down.# Stock market comment #