Corn: “through the clouds to see the sun”, the first large-scale rise after the festival!

2022-08-27 0 By

Today is February 9, 2022. From yesterday to this morning, with the continuous decline in the quantity of goods, shandong enterprises continue to slow down the pace of downward adjustment, while Henan follows the local decline.But also from today, most enterprises in Shandong began to stop falling and rebound, including large representative enterprises Shouguang Giant energy and Linqing De Energy, individual enterprises, Bowling Bao, up twice a day.After the year, the rapid decline of corn prices, to traders a big xiama Wei, but also greatly hit the enthusiasm of traders on the goods, the amount of goods received by enterprises has declined rapidly, from the highest peak of 1000+ cars, reduced to the current 300 cars.After the first wave of goods tide subside, corn prices stop falling rebound, fast back up.However, the ebb of the shipment tide should belong to the short ebb caused by the enterprise price suppression, the ebb of the shipment tide should not be over.In northeast China, most of the enterprises adjusted the purchase price today, which is the largest dynamic range of enterprises in northeast China after the New Year.Overall, today’s overall trend of corn, mixed, mainly up.Shandong, after the first large-scale market!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Dahua Granary