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As the Qingming Festival is approaching, the epidemic prevention and control situation in China remains grim.Heilongjiang provincial Department of Culture and Tourism reminds tourists to put epidemic prevention and control first and make reasonable travel arrangements.First, do a good job of personal protection.At present, the task of epidemic prevention and control in China is complex and arduous.Tourists should pay close attention to the risk information released by local epidemic prevention and control departments, stay alert, avoid paralysis, consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, gather less, and develop the good habit of “one meter noodle”.When taking transportation or entering the park, they should keep distance from other tourists and avoid crowding together.Cough, sneeze, pay attention to cover with elbow or tissue, do not spit everywhere.Stop visiting and seek medical advice in case of cold, fever and other symptoms.Second, make reasonable arrangements for travel.Follow the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the origin and destination in real time, check the opening of tourist attractions, ticket reservation and ticket limit in advance, and plan travel routes and times appropriately.Try to avoid popular scenic spots and travel peak hours, wrong time and wrong peak travel.Do not travel to medium and high risk areas.Third, pay attention to fire safety.Do not carry tinder and inflammable and explosive items into the forest and grass areas, promote green worship, ecological sacrifice, civilized ancestor worship, to offer flowers, reciting the memorial.When visiting scenic spots, public cultural venues and other places, strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations, do not smoke or use open fire in areas where combustible materials gather or there is a fire warning.When checking into the hotel, know evacuation channels, safety exits and other escape routes, and do not smoke in bed or throw cigarette butts and matches.Fourth, advocating civilized travel.Abide by public order and social ethics, safety warning and civilization conventions;Protect cultural relics and historic sites, cherish public facilities;Civilized dining, actively practice the “disc action”, put an end to “waste on the tip of the tongue”, advocate the use of public spoons and chopsticks;Standardize garbage disposal, consciously protect the ecological environment;Group travel should choose travel agencies with legal qualifications, sign standardized travel contracts, and do not buy tourism products that are obviously lower than operating costs.In case of disputes over the quality of tourism service, you can call our provincial tourism service hotline “area code +12345” to properly handle all disputes and rationally protect your rights.Source:Daoli District dafa community to do a good job in home quarantine personnel care services heilongjiang Province 39 kinds of basic infusion to reduce pricesThe activity track of 9 new local novel Coronavirus positive cases in Harbin