Seek truth from facts

2022-08-24 0 By

Somebody sends video to announce price of rosewood of big fruit, sofa 123 7 sets 33000–38000 yuan, a lot of people point praise, a lot of people pay attention to, frankly, sofa of rosewood of this price 123 big fruit, 100 percent adulteration and jerky, this is not to do business, it is to cut leek.First of all, you ask him, the seven sets of sofa multiple, I’m sure not more than 600 catty, then according to the sitting plate, backplane 1.2 cm open material, foot 12 cm, take brain 5 cm, partition one cm open material, a few boards 1.1 cm open material, the standard sitting plate 2.18*62, 148*62, 103*62.A few big 138*98, a few 0.58*0.48, this big fruit rosewood sofa standard weight is 750 catties, so why I am sure he in addition to jerky and adulteration, is from his weight so certain, two kinds of great possibility, ① mixed not big fruit rosewood density wood.② Is to thin the plate, the material is small, completely can not escape these two possibilities.Take the 38,000 yuan he pointed out, the highest area, my most basic materials and technology are not enough, this makes people how to play, it was announced in the form of “we media”, does this make an industry to die, all to the simple and crude fake technology.Good articles are not published, such a low price to attract the attention of the platform to promote, is it conscience or ignorance, this platform should have a review of every article, how can there be such irresponsible review personnel, openly fake materials, jerky to attract fans.Our big fruit rosewood single board technology, all big red material, according to the average price of 26000 yuan/ton, not expensive, then calculate the material formula, 750*3/2000*26000=29500 yuan, this is the material, the craft wage is about 8000 yuan, this is only 29500+8000 yuan =37500 yuan gross cost, factory tax, site,The total cost is 39,000 yuan. Our price is 48,000 yuan without negotiation. During this period, our profit is our profit.This is not adulterated, do not cut corners.Clearly marked costs, clean money, this is a reasonable market transaction.In the highest area, the cost is not enough. This is a typical case where the bean powder is lower than the bean powder. There is no loss and no wages, but the low price is used to attract customers.This kind of article and video, it is a pit in itself.Otherwise, you don’t just quote a price, quote a cost, this 33000-38000 yuan of sales price you are how to come out, exactly is where holy how to achieve so low cost, this just convincing people, the others do two thousand dry, the price reached more than fifty thousand, are losing money, see how this price factory is to survive.Make an offer. It’s not convincing.The regional price I gave is 40,000 to 60,000 yuan, which is the normal price of the primary factory. It is really related to output, technology and material, but many people think it is too high. In this world, we would rather believe in liars than the truth of real materials.