Highway quality promotion three years to tackle: Qingdao this year to build and transform rural roads over 200 kilometers

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Zhao Bo catch resumption of production and work, catch the project landing.Recently, Qingdao Highway Center has taken “three-year action to improve highway quality” as the general starting point and main line. In 2022, the city will implement the construction and renovation of more than 200 kilometers of rural roads, and maintenance of more than 800 kilometers.Just after the Spring Festival of 2022, Qingdao Highway Center has taken the “Resumption of production and construction and implementation of projects” as the beginning of the New Year, and the “Three-year key action to improve highway quality” as the general focus and main line, with greater enthusiasm and high morale, to help in the battle of urban renewal and urban construction.We will make new and greater contributions to accelerating the building of a modern international metropolis.The implementation of the “dual program” plan first.In 2022, Qingdao road center based on the overall situation, strengthen the mission, hard work, focus on the service of Qingdao urban renewal and urban construction of three years a crucial action, service “transportation power construction program for the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network planning outline” double outline “, the service traffic integration jiaodong economic circle, traffic infrastructure construction services crucial action,We launched a three-year campaign to improve highway quality, and formulated and refined an action plan.Launching the “Two Bridges” action is not to be trusted.Just after the Spring Festival, the site on the basis of strict epidemic prevention security, quickly start to return to work and production, line workers to depend on, speed recovery, determined to get to the national highway 204 dagu river bridge project completed 70%, west flow viaduct maintenance project completed within the next year, with fine management, casting the high-quality goods project as the blue valley to the fast track to play good start array jiaodong international airport.Common national and provincial road maintenance “concentrated attack” unprecedented strength.A major and medium repair project of 380 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial highways was carried out, equivalent to the total amount of the past six years.Highway center will focus on the quality of the project, pay close attention to the progress control, pay close attention to civilized construction, pay close attention to safety production, promote the resumption of 5 projects in the first quarter, to achieve a good start.The daily maintenance service quality improvement action has been implemented to strengthen the concept of full life cycle. By 2024, the PQI rate of excellent pavement technical condition will increase from 86.7 to more than 94, and the MQI rate of comprehensive technical condition will increase from 92 to more than 96.We will continue to advance the special campaign to improve the quality and efficiency of the “Four Good Rural roads”.We will strengthen full coverage of the road length system, and help implement the five major projects to improve rural road networks, improve access to roads, ensure traffic safety, model integrated development, and upgrade transport services.In 2022, the city will carry out construction and renovation of more than 200 kilometers of rural roads, maintenance of more than 800 kilometers, renovation of 16 dilapidated Bridges, and security engineering of more than 300 kilometers of village roads to fully serve rural revitalization.