T3 travel reverse attack, hello, a feed hitchhiker stir up, the truth of the big changes in online car hailing

2022-08-22 0 By

The Internet pays attention to winner take all, winner means market share, which is reflected in the head platform body incisively and vividly, I believe we have seen.In the second half, the competition of online ride-hailing is still simple and rough. The competition for passengers, drivers and orders is nothing more than these three kinds, and then the competition is “strength”.The pattern has not changed for too long, it is time to move!First, T3 travel took advantage of the opportunity to run in a number of waist platforms, the most conspicuous T3 travel, in addition to the “national team” title is louder, its strength can not be underestimated.In just one and a half years, the whole market knows T3 travel is not easy to mess with, catch up with many platforms, firmly sit in the “industry second” position.Now there is a vacancy in the second half, even if there is a fierce fight between the waist platform, T3 travel can not bear the brave and resourceful, take the lead in mobilizing the driver’s power.It is all about capacity, and the battle for the market is ultimately about capacity.T3 out of walking to now, can be said to be relatively smooth, and the head platform is only one step away, do not know whether to run, completely overturn the original competition pattern.Any platform that shows up in the second half has the chance!Second, later comers take advantage of the chaos of the rare opportunity, if you do not grasp, or regret, or can not meet such a good opportunity, hello, a hello car platform is also very clear.Hallo’s success in the ride-sharing market and its current position was a similar opportunity.A feed hitch car from hitch car to pet consignment, deeply cultivate the travel industry, naturally will not miss the opportunity to enter the online car hailing, all of it is so logical.Rather than newcomers such as Hello and Hitch, the real test has begun as competition heats up on the ride-hailing track.The second half of ride-hailing is just beginning.3. The second half of online car-hailing era is actually the second half of travel. It has been quite a long time since the last bonus period.Except For Cao Cao travel and T3 Travel, which were lucky to get the capital boost and get some warmth in the cold winter, other platforms had a hard time.Besides price advantage, what better way to attract drivers and passengers is a question that many platforms have to ponder.The most important task facing the challengers is not to expand cities, but to improve the passenger experience and improve the money drivers make per trip, so that they can gain more trust.The pattern of online car hailing will not remain unchanged. What will change?