G104 Jinan Yellow River Highway Bridge extension project started!It is expected to be completed by 2024

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Qilu network · Lightning news on February 16, qin Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.On February 16, the construction of jinan’s first quarter 2022 traffic project was held at the G104 Jinglan Line Jinan Yellow River Highway Bridge extension project site.This is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 2022 Provincial and municipal Work Mobilization Conference and promote the “three ahead”.Jinan plans to implement 161 key transportation projects this year with a total investment of 465.4 billion yuan, and is expected to complete investment of 66 billion yuan this year, according to the arrangement of the 2022 Transportation work and Work Style Construction annual mobilization conference held on February 12.The G104 Jinglan Line Jinan Yellow River Highway Bridge expansion project and other 11 projects that are under construction today are the first batch of 27 projects that will be started in the first quarter. The construction of these projects will provide strong support for building the provincial capital’s comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network.G104 Beijing-Lan line Ji ‘nan Yellow River Highway bridge extension project is located in The Beginning of ji Hua Road and Second ring east road level intersection about 500 meters south, the end is located in the starting area of the bridge street hill after The East Of Chen Jia, and G220 level intersection, a total investment of about 7 billion yuan, the line length of 7748 meters, is expected to be completed in 2024.The project adopts the construction of first-class highway and urban expressway, with a design speed of 80km/h. The length of the new Yellow River bridge is about 2.5km, and it is a double-track multi-layer bridge. The upper layer is a two-way eight-lane highway, and the lower layer is double-track rail transit, setting a new record for the bridge across the Yellow River.The main bridge adopts the main span of 488 meters, double tower double cable plane steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge, the bridge tower adopts the vase type, the total height of nearly 170 meters.The newly built zero-point interchange is the first “three-way” turbine junction interchange in Shandong Province. The newly built zero-point interchange is the first multi-functional turbine junction interchange in Shandong province, which can simultaneously meet the traffic conversion requirements among expressways, urban expressways and urban trunk roads. A total of 14 ramps are set for the newly built zero-point interchange.After the completion of the project, the north side and the starting area of the planning of the expressway, the south side and Ji-Guang expressway, Ji-Qing high-speed connection, forming an important channel connecting the main urban area and the starting area, boosting Jinan to accelerate toward the Yellow River era.Jinan Transportation bureau will be based on the early grasp, take out the beginning of the decisive battle, the start of the sprint courage, inverted construction period, wall map operation, effectively promote the project construction.Firmly establish a “first-class facilities”, “first-class technology,” “first-class management,” “first-class service” concept, adhere to quality first, pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control, implement safety measures to strengthen environmental control, the construction of “quality project”, strive to achieve “good start” stable “open” in the first quarter, with powerful strength, energetic energy, accelerate the construction of major transportation infrastructure.Flash news reporter Duan Jiaqi reports