Farmers killed to steal chicken cat, but by the majority of net friends network violence

2022-08-22 0 By

On February 16, farmers in Lu ‘an, Anhui province, caught a cat stealing several of their chickens, and the angry farmers killed the cat, which was posted on online platforms, triggering online violence.About this matter we can the perspective-taking once, if you are a farmers what would you want to, when the cat was caught reached 12 jins, weight is how much the cat ate the chicken young ones, and farmers to take the cat had no way to truly, and this cat is to eat many times, farmers also is no way to catch it, but also the cat should not to death, because the cat to eat chicken is the laws of nature,There is no way of matter, was killed is really a little, but we can not net violence somebody else, the words are very ugly, if you will not afflict you?After all, if a cat has an owner, he should manage his own cat well. If it is a feral cat breeder, he should not kill the cat on impulse, but should deal with it properly or contact relevant departments for communication.Image source network