97.43 percent of people are satisfied with the reconstruction of 25 old residential areas

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Workers daily client reporter Zou Mingqiang correspondent Zhu Xiao Gao shi “under the heat, heavy rain, you don’t care.Project progress every day, district more and more beautiful!With your sweat for our community look brand-new, the community seems to be 30 years young!”All the old residents of the Family Home of Sun Food Group Company in Shaanxi’s Anqujiang New Area wrote in a thank-you letter to the renovation project department of the old residential area of the Second Aviation Bureau of China Communications.The 25 old residential areas involved in the renovation project of the old residential areas in Xi ‘an Qujiang New Area are in a state of extensive and disorderly management for a long time due to their long history, old buildings and serious aging facilities.Rightness, undertake beautiful change to the village upgrade, dweller should raise both hands to approve ability pair.However, things are not as simple as imagined. At the beginning of the entry of the project department of the Second Aviation Bureau, a considerable number of residents did not buy it.”Putting insulation nails on the walls can cause the tiles to crack.We strongly disagree with the construction!”Exterior wall insulation construction, xi ‘an party school family courtyard building 5, the majority of residents voted against.”I have been raising these trees for more than 20 years. I am like my own son. I will not allow you to cut down the branches along the wall for the convenience of construction.”Fan, who lives on the first floor of a unit, has planted more than 20 pepper and pomegranate trees along the wall, and the opposition is the fiercest.In the old residential areas of this round of transformation, about 70% of the residents are over 60 years old, and the project department is mostly young people. In the face of the residents of grandparents, it is impossible to say or persuade. For a while, the work has come to a halt.The 25 old residential areas are scattered around the famous scenic spots big Wild Goose Pagoda and the History Museum of Shaanxi Province. The social attention is very high, so it is necessary to communicate the ideological work of the residents as soon as possible.After research and analysis, the project department established the working idea of “building the livelihood project into the people’s project”, and decided to set up the coordination department. The secretary of the Party branch of the project Department took charge of it, and the experienced employees were urgently transferred from other projects to serve as coordinators. They were fully responsible for the coordination, publicity and interpretation of each community.In just one year, the project department has held more than 60 special meetings, carried out more than 16,000 household surveys, and held 25 large publicity meetings such as residents’ meetings, “bench meetings” and “Ba Ba Meetings”.On this basis, a four-step cycle improvement method of satisfaction satisfaction was summarized: “collecting opinions through household survey, adopting them based on actual research, publicizing the project publicity and explanation, and conducting secret investigation and then exploring demands”. A total of 1,503 opinions and suggestions were collected from residents, and residents’ opinions were collected 53 times through publicizing the reconstruction plan.Each community set up temporary advisory points for residents to consult and conduct public opinion surveys;For residents to consult, question more insulation materials, make material billboards;Make paint samples to show the transformation effect to residents;Adopting the menu-style renovation method of “one district, one policy” and “one case on the first floor” to stimulate residents’ desire for renovation.Cha Wencheng, director of the project, said, “Each renovation plan is drawn up through household surveys, thorough communication with residents, and respect for the different needs of each household.There were also some problems that residents did not ask for, but we found them when we went to their homes and solved them.”Uncle Gao of sun Food Group said that our Windows were not within the scope of renovation, but we all wanted to change them, so we mentioned it to the project department. Unexpectedly, the project department pushed forward this matter with enthusiasm, and finally replaced it.It’s a lot cheaper than switching ourselves.The project department also formulated 6 measures for convenient services, and vigorously carried out convenient service activities: Scenic area family courtyard building 1 unit 12 residents, there are 4 old people suffering from cerebral thrombosis, up and down the floor need people to help, the project free of charge in the corridor installed handrails for the disabled;In order to cooperate with the demolition of unauthorized construction in the Small area of the Botanical Garden, the project department organized manpower and spent a week to help residents carry personal items. It also rented a revolving house for free to the Li Shulin family who was in housing shortage.Shaanxi Yuhang Science and Technology Industry Co., LTD., a 98-year-old man named Gao Weizhong, his children are working abroad and he lives alone at home. The project department has arranged for many times to repair his toilet and door, and regularly sent him daily necessities…The project department’s heart with affection, residents see in the eyes, warm in the heart, from the beginning of the uncooperation, to “I want to change”, and even take the initiative to help the project department to solve problems.Now, uncle Fan has changed his old cold face to greet the project department staff and warmly invites them to dinner at home.With the disappearance of the resistance restricting the transformation, the transformation work of one community smoothly advanced, residents’ letters of thanks and banners also came.According to statistics, the residents’ satisfaction rate of the community has reached 97.43%, among which the sun Food Group’s family yard renovation project was rated as a municipal model project.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com