There’s something wrong with your gut. It hurts when you press it!To control

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We all know that the human body is composed of meridians and collaterals.The thicker, deeper and longitudinal main lines are called meridians.The network of branches and shallow channels is called “collaterals”.The abuse of antibiotics has always been a big problem troubling people’s health. Some people always want to take antibiotics to avoid inflammation in the body, but after long-term use of antibiotics, it is easy to reduce the body’s immunity. So how can we judge whether there is inflammation in the body?The answer is: press acupoints to find pain points.First: ground machine acupoint pain — spleen (including pancreas) inflammation when pressing ground machine acupoint pain means that the spleen has inflammation in the body, and its severity is proportional to the degree of tenderness.Spleen inflammation: do not want to eat or eat less, left lower abdomen dull pain, pain especially after eating.The spleen refers to the spleen and pancreas in the body, so when the pancreas appears inflammation, such as diabetes, it also has tenderness at the ground machine point.Location of ground machine point: Yin Ling Spring and the high point of the medial malleolus on the line, Yin Ling Spring 3 inches.Second: Shuiquan point pain — the kidney has inflammation when pressing Shuiquan point, the pain means that the kidney in the body has inflammation, and the degree of inflammation is proportional to the pain degree of acupressure.Kidney inflammation: the waist acid trapped uncomfortable, weak urination, bifurcation, foam, men impotence, women cervical erosion.Location of Shuiquan point: Taixi point is 1 inch straight down, the inner depression of calcaneal tubercle.Third: the most hole pain – lung inflammation pressing the most hole pain in the body of the lung inflammation, the degree of inflammation is proportional to the degree of acupressure pain.Lung inflammation: conscious chest tightness, suffocating, breathing adverse, cough spitting sputum and so on.Hole location: the palmar side of the forearm, when chi Ze point and Taiyuan point on the line, seven inches on the wrist stripes.Fourth: zhongdu acupoint pain – liver inflammation pressing zhongdu acupoint pain indicates the liver inflammation in the body, the degree of inflammation is proportional to the degree of acupressure pain.There are signs of inflammation in the liver: yellow eyes and skin, yellow urine, moist and itchy around the genitals, etc.Location of Zhongdu point: the high point of the medial malleolus is 7 inches straight, and the middle of the medial surface of the tibia.Fifth: Yin CLEft pain – heart inflammation pressing Yin CLEft pain indicates the heart inflammation, the degree of inflammation is proportional to the degree of acupressure pain.The heart has the expression of inflammation: the frowsty area before the heart is heavy, heavy, serious heart hypertrophy is visible when.Yin XI-cleh point location: stretch the elbow, clench the fist, in the inner forearm can touch a large tendon (flexor carpi ulnar tendon), from the wrist stripes along the lateral side of the tendon upward half of the horizontal finger, thumb nail midpoint, press the acid swelling.A lot of friends asked to press really ache, how to do?In fact, it is very simple to directly massage the corresponding acupoints can be adjusted in turn.(Physical Health Master)