Today is Boxer Day

2022-08-17 0 By

Plain is really the first god beast released today little brother see recall at home when you spell good brother works in a day, when I see so many small parts are headache, brother do nothing that day, the light assembly for brother small bread, that’s a good brother, small balloons, happy sweet brother school also reminds me of my school our building orchard,1, reading is not much, think righteousness is unknown.Have enough not to learn, not to learn from.Insist castle peak does not relax, the original roots in the broken rock.Thousands of mill strike also strong, Ren Erdong southwest north wind.Coarse zeng big cloth wrapped career, abdominal poetry gas from China.With old ru cook bottle leaves, strong with the child with locust flowers.Sac empty do not do spring horse, eye disorderly line to see the car.Proud still kua secular, huang New wet words such as crow.Don’t slander such as deep waves, mo moved guest like sand.Qian Tao lu is hard, blowing as crazy sand only to gold.Don’t speak of poverty, often don’t speak of pain.Little and studious, such as Yang sunrise;Strong and studious, such as the light of the sun;Old and studious, such as bing candle Ming.# School begins #