The Harvard dog has become a commuting tool for urban workers

2022-08-17 0 By

The beautiful drop into the memory, the happiness of the holiday hidden into the memory, the end of spring break small long vacation, officially opened the brick life.Even if there are thousands of reluctant to give up, the work has to continue, compared with friends around two or three days in advance to start to grab the return ticket, in the year before I got a Big Dog can drive home, I have a lot of happiness, packed up, with my mother’s warm heart prepared hometown specialty, driving a big dog happy set out.Tide temperament of wild charm, ring powder no words in the Chinese New Year if car harvard big dogs may be I do zui right choice last year, after the car, go home during the Spring Festival and the return of the tasks are borne by the harvard big dog, extra effort, but to my unexpected is, open the harvard big dog back to the village, have staged “those who see the car is interesting.It also speak of from the high level of appearance of harvard big dog, choice, different wild tide temperament will instantly I circle powder, it comes with a young spirit, and young people’s temperament is special joint, and local design having a unique style, especially like “dog eye” LED headlamps, identification degree is high, light, but also become a visual focus.It is with such a high level of appearance that WHEN I drive back to the village, I become the “star” of the village, but this “star” is not me, but a big Harvard dog. When I drive on the village road, the neighbors in the village will know it is me when they see the appearance of the car without looking at the license plate.When I stop to chat, I often receive some praise for the Huff dog. Is this the joy of having a good looking car?Spring Festival travel peak, intelligent driving auxiliary Spring Festival travel peak, made the difference already normal, at the moment I set foot on the return journey, guessed nine times out of ten would run into traffic jam, but with the experience of drive home New Year, meet high-speed traffic do not panic, immediately opened the ACC adaptive cruise function, let the harvard big dog control speed, keep a safe with a car,Follow the car ahead, stop, and I do a “idle person”, hold the steering wheel to observe the road.Of course, the Harvard Dog has plenty of other useful intelligent driver assistance features besides ACC full-speed adaptive cruise.The last time I drove into a dead end, for example, the reverse tracking feature helped a lot. It turned on the reverse tracking and let the car follow the original path back to the starting point.In addition, when encountering extreme and tiny parking Spaces, the full-scene integrated parking comes in handy again, which enables me to have the super high skills of an old driver in one click and avoid the thorny and embarrassing situation of repeated parking.