She told mom Xian the news of her dream at the first time

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Mom Xian, are you busy with your work recently?How are you?I have a piece of good news to share with you. I have successfully passed the written test, interview and physical examination. Starting from today, I truly become a glorious medical worker…”This is a letter from a deaf girl named Xiaoling to Xianli.When I mentioned the fate of Xiaoling, I still remember working in the People’s Procuratorate of Ganzi Prefecture.It was a winter day in December 2011. Xianli, then chief procurator of luding County People’s Procuratorate, visited people in xixia village and got to know a white-haired old woman.When talking with the old man, the old man always wants to speak but stops the appearance let bright beautiful much a heart, then carefully asked her home situation.The old man grabbed Xianli’s hand and knelt down crying, “Please help my granddaughter. Our family depends on her…”Xianli hurriedly helped the old man up and comforted him, saying, “Aunt, get up quickly and speak slowly if you have something to say.”After a conversation, Xianli learned that the old woman’s family is really difficult: she and her wife are both over 70 years old, and their daughter-in-law died of illness not long ago, leaving two sick children behind.Misfortunes never come singly. As the son of the only labor force in the family, he was sentenced for traffic accident when he went out to work to help people drive.Most of all, the incoherent old man talked about her granddaughter, who had a brain tumor.She said her granddaughter is clever, sensible and filial, and has a nice name: Xiaoling.Although she has been to the hospital many times, Xiaoling is still deaf in her left ear because of the sequelae of nerve compression caused by a brain tumor.Hearing this, the mother’s heart is not a burst of grief.She comforted the old man and said, “It’s all right, aunt. With the Party and the government, and the cadres of the Communist Party, all the misfortunes will become past.”At that time although she did not see Small ling, secretly decided to recognize small Ling as a daughter, try our best to help this immature flower seedlings, in the future life to find their own spring, bloom belongs to their own beauty.Xianli is a hothead, the next day to recognize the daughter xiaoling, she mobilized the Luding County Procuratorate party cadres to donate money and materials, together with the local township party committee and government to help the unfortunate family.All hold firewood flame high, before long, xiaoling home slowly out of the predicament of life, long time smile, hanging on her tender face.What pleased Xiaoling the most was that she had a mother who loved her and doted on her, but she was called with the word “xian” in front.In 2013, xiaoling was admitted to a vocational and technical college with great efforts and completed her studies with a hearing aid.After graduation, finding a job has become the biggest obstacle in front of them.Xiaoling majored in Traditional Chinese medicine, and it was her dream to work in a hospital. However, every time she took the hospital entrance examination, she could pass the written examination, but because of her serious hearing impairment, she could not pass the interview and physical examination.Seeing small Ling suffer setback again and again, bright beautiful heart than when all anxious.She knew that it was not difficult to help Xiaoling find a job enough to make a living. What was difficult was to let her really stand up and realize her dream and grasp life by her own efforts.She was determined to try her best to solve Xiaoling’s hearing problem. After several twists and turns, Xianli contacted the best hospital in the province specializing in ear surgery and installed a cochlear implant for Xiaoling.The hospital was moved by the actions of Xianli, a non-related “mother”, and reduced part of xiaoling’s fees.Wearing a cochlear implant xiaoling full of confidence into the examination room again, successfully passed the exam.Finally, I put on my dream white coat.The first time she told mom Xian the good news.(Yu Qiulin)