The “dark” sound of the Winter Olympics is familiar to BGM travelers, isn’t it?

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The recent Winter Olympic Games is a hot spot of concern, ice pier pier everywhere in the crazy grab, as expected the surrounding strength is strong, do not know how many travelers watch the Winter Olympic Games, there are many useful tiwatt sound, this time how to say?Have the dark corrupted the temple of ice?This is not the first time send the official announcement for less than a day, careful travelers may have already heard, this is the north group responsible for winter sports show music library form, invited mihajlovic swim the original god music team to participate in the library of music form, the familiar “disease such as high fire” month “glass” meditation “in the” white Ai etc more than music were selected.Know that travelers should are curious where did these tunes are used in, so I checked the fragment, and part of the summary of reference bosses, in all these places, interested can go to check out (as early as in before the start of the games, the original god’s music will be used many times) : as early as January interview when the director zhang yimou, the games are used in glass music;From women’s short track speed skating 1000 meters to men’s 1500 meters, BGM used the North Wind Wolf Fighting stage 2;The introduction film of The National Speed Skating Hall uses “Meditation in Bai Ai”;Science and Education channel Spring Festival column “Taste of Hometown 2022” used the “riptide” music many times., of course, these are only part of, before the games begin, a lot of CCTV and local TV programs are in the presence of god, the god of the original BGM, such as tuo of Colombia’s music, wandering about the clock from the earth, light policy background music and so on, have to say is, indeed, noodles, original music really is too top of god, which the game of many rare BGM can be players to remember, also very highly,Chen Zhiyi teacher strong ah!When will the stone be delivered?However, this time, it seems that there is no meaning for the stone, although the travelers in the announcement crazy express, but…Last year, I won too many awards and famous names. Before, there was a small pattern of giving thanks for hawali Festival. This should not continue the good habit.I’m not demanding much. I’d be happy with ten, really!Recently, some people started to bring rhythm to the eight major Amy, saying that eight is a big Amy, the output is better than clear, suggest all players do not smoke……Feel familiar with the art of speech?Yes, at the beginning of ten thousand leaves and heart before the line is also these people in nonsense, what ten thousand leaves small sugar, heart sea small Barbara, or that sentence, the role did not line the brain test letter he do?If you don’t believe it, you can turn it over by yourself. All the people who say eight times to pull crotch basically didn’t blow eight times before, now change a topic called “eight times to review the change” so simple.Can’t we wait two more days for the characters to go live and see how they test it instead of following the rhythm?Now a considerable number of players are like this, online before the brain measurement believed true, online measurement when the joke.With so many versions, travelers should also be familiar with the way this group of people attract topics. When the first release of the character information, when the character is about to go online, the black wave, anyway, the opposite point for you to create, you can spray each other, instead of reading these things,Can’t we just wait for the players to release different platoons, weapons, relics, and detailed stats?For more exciting content, come to the two Eating ape tribe