Slam Dunk master Xiangbei mountain king hand in hand at the beginning, accidental factors let Xiangbei surprise tactics to succeed

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Dunk high hands xiangbei mountain early colonists, the hall and anxi showdown began, before the game, the hall is the use of the resource advantage of king mountain, on the preparation, completely crushed the xiangbei, mountain king xiangbei players of detailed data, including xiangbei video game player, at the same time domoto wang old team also found the mountain, to the mountain king players as partners.Yamamoto, for his part, doesn’t look down on any opponents, not to mention the fact that Xiangbei beat the wind and rain in the last eight, but he doesn’t want to give xiangbei a chance.Anxi had to make a surprise win, and in the first half of the game, Xiangbei was relying on unconventional play to frustrate the king’s plan.Because according to the preparation of temoto at that time, they know akagi and Rukawa Mamaple are the two big scoring points of Xiangbei, as long as the limit of the scoring ability of the two people, Yamamoto thinks that he can take the initiative of the whole court, this point, Temoto is very confident, after all, The strength of Daeda and Zawa North, in the national competition is no opponent.At the same time, Tang Ben also let one of the kuratsu to guard Mitsui, the purpose is in The Big River and Sawnorth suppression akagi Ryukawa Mamaple, at the same time, limit Mitsui scoring space, according to Tang Ben’s plan, the first half of the game, Xiangbei’s attack was completely mute fire.In the face of mountain king such a team, the offensive situation can not open, to meet xiangbei only chronic death.And anxi keenly sensing this, on the one hand he is learned, this in order to limit mitsui, replace the starter, let a CangCong, so anxi as main cherry wood, to break the mountain stream field as the core of tactics, the king of anxi make mitsui xiangbei tactical core, mitsui expectations, helping xiangbei initiative.In addition to the main mitsui tactics, ANSI is at the beginning of the game to make Sakuragi and Miyagi xiangbei surprise key players.In the pre-match warm-up training, Sakuragi provoked the momentum of the offensive against the King of Shan, it is undeniable that the xiangbei players, from the beginning to the end of the king of Shan has no fear of Sakuragi, and Sakuragi is also suitable to carry out the plan of Xi, Sakuragi’s jumping and explosive power, is unmatched.But in actual competition, xiangbei’s surprise tactics can be realized, there are also some accidental factors.Miyagi ball was advancing, deep jin took out the winning shot for the defensive posture, in terms of physical power, tianjin is more excellent than miyagi deep point guard, miyagi do not break already very not easy, to ensure the ball deep tianjin gave him a great deal of oppressive feeling, watching video before the game, miyagi is seen deep jin can ability,That’s the part That Animo couldn’t get.Miyagi want to cooperate with cherry wood and launch a surprise attack, but he looked at the mountain king under the basket, cherry wood did not get the good position, the river field in the basket, xiangbei without surprise, miyagi know, first come to pass, by deep tianjin may be steals, and the river field also not give cherry wood surprise, so forcibly, is likely to be handed the ball back to the mountain king.Anxi has been stressed that wants to win the game, at the beginning of the start, let the king of mountain know, unusual xiangbei this team, so it is very important to whether scored the first points, miyagi want to slowly but surely, but a CangCong didn’t give him the opportunity, seize the miyagi deep put focus on the timing of tianjin, from the broken miyagi behind the ball.This sudden situation changed the situation on the court, yamagata all fast break, Miyagi will recover the ball, at this moment, although yamagata all start to return to the defense, but Sakuragi is in no place, and he is near the basket of Yamagata, this is the perfect opportunity for Northern Hunan.Because of miyagi’s passing, defense, directly over the mountain king all simple spell jumping ability, wild side is no match for cherry wood, cherry wood to complete the empty pick up, the surprise to a full boil, all people’s eyes, the king’s exhibition game, the game was originally a mountain xiangbei who what team, nobody CARES about, but after completing dunk cherry wood,All of us are curious about the young team that still shows no fear in the face of the Mountain king, and some of them are sensational.