Rear-end a Volvo S90 at 110 miles an hour, but hurt yourself?

2022-08-16 0 By

The older you get, the more you buy luxury cars, the more you care about safety.Around a lot of luxury in large car “good brother”, when buying a car, what is the most important?Can’t escape a “safe”.A good day, afraid of the accident before tomorrow.Therefore, when choosing a car, we often choose Volvo S90, Audi A6L these luxury cars in the crash test obtained a high score.Recently I saw a S90 owner in the forum, parking in a high speed jam, the rear car at a cruising speed of 110km/h without any brake rear-end collision.Volvo just a tiny jolt?But the rear car was a disaster, and in my years of experience, it was basically a write-off.When you pull it away, you can barely tell what it is.The rear of the S90, it doesn’t look like a problem.Don’t tell me you lost the license plate. The owner said it was day six.Also a little bit back.Fortunately, Volvo offered enough comfort.The 4S shop is fully covered and provides a mobility scooter.I have to say, this service is really good.The “road tank” is not just an empty name, but the Volvo S90 is really good.Basically, no car can guarantee the 110km/h collision, but also guarantee such “full tail”.How on earth did Volvo do it?The core of the Volvo S90 is boron steel with a “ceiling” level of hardness and stiffness, which is more than 4 times the torsion resistance of ordinary steel!Volvo S90’s roof, a-pillar and B-pillar as well as the threshold position are used in large quantities of this steel.For every square centimeter, it can withstand more than 10 tons of pressure.The Volvo S90 has another trick.In frontal or small-angle collisions, engineers have designed sufficient energy absorption zones. For example, in a 25% offset collision, the wheels are forced to fly out directly, avoiding intruding into the cockpit and ensuring the living space of the car.By contrast, audi A6L at the same level adopts a steel-aluminum hybrid body structure, which is stable and solid enough, but its torsional resistance is still not as good as boron steel in extreme cases.Don’t be afraid to spend more money to buy a car. Active safety is good. After experience, we know that in most accidents, the structural damage of the vehicle is not too serious.And the car enterprises need to consider, is how to reduce the injury of the car driver and passenger, or even how to avoid the occurrence of accidents!Therefore, the richness of active security configuration is particularly important.The Citysafety system that comes standard with the Volvo S90 is excellent.Through optical camera and millimeter wave radar, this system can realize a series of functions including active braking, lane keeping, parallel assistance, pedestrian detection, blind spot information management and so on.Not only can you avoid a collision when driving straight, but the system can also monitor the lane in real time. For example, when you are driving a little careless and about to stray from the lane, the system can directly help you to control the vehicle stably, so as to avoid the danger of driving out of the lane.On the Audi A6L, lane departure assistance and blind spot monitoring are optional for most models, and the price is not cheap.You think you’re paying too much for your car, but it only takes an emergency brake to realize how the Volvo S90 is actually saving you money.Whether Volvo S90 or A6L, safety performance is very good in large luxury cars.But the Volvo S90 is always a bit better.We joke that tanks are the safest, but that’s not true.But there’s nothing wrong with buying an S90 with your eyes closed.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)