Reading Li Juan: From My Altay to Winter Pasture

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Combing the books I have read in recent years, there are several works of li Juan, a young writer.First I read Li Juan’s “My Altay”, then I read her “Distant Sunflower Field”, followed by “Sheep Road trilogy”, and finally this “Winter Pasture”.Reading Li Juan days, five or six years of time flies.”My Altay” : first knowledge Li Juan sees an elder to recommend on friend circle very early “my Altay”, believe her grade, go reading App to see fluctuation more.Like little squirrels, I like to hoard good things and wait until I’m in the mood to dig through them.A few years ago I made a good friend, talking about their favorite mainland female writers, I said I like Wang Anyi, she said she likes Li Juan, I said write altay that bar!At this point, she used to hum in my ear, “You must see!””Go and see!”We can discuss it when you’re done!”She always urged me to read “My Altay” early, I in order to live up to her, also in order not to be talked about, to read.At first, I thought this book was a travel notes written by a self-indulgent and capricious Wenqing after traveling on a whim. I never thought it was a paean to the land where the author lived. It recorded ordinary life, but it pointed to the tenderest corner of the human heart.Some say That Li has redefined the identity of a writer, one who trudges through the earth and the wind and rain.In fact, I have always believed that writers and actors should never be divorced from life.The gift of writing and acting is not the gift of leaving the earth and the wind and rain and living in the clouds.In ancient Greek mythology, there was a god named Antaeus, whose feet touched mother Earth and gained endless power. No one could defeat him.His rival Hercules discovers his secret, lifts him up in battle, depriving him of mother Earth’s powers, and kills him.It may be a myth, but I always take it seriously.Keeping my feet on the ground means keeping my feet on the ground.I admire all down-to-earth idealists.Li Juan’s words such as the first snow in winter, and such as the water in March, crystal clear and warm, such words remind me of Tagore’s poetry.Many writers, because of their excessive intelligence and transparency, always have a kind of cold overlooking the world.I don’t appreciate it.I like words with intelligence and great love.Li Juan’s unique, li Juan’s beautiful, perhaps because her feet never leave the earth, never lost the earth mother gave power.”Distant sunflower land” : “if there is no business hanging mind, it is a good season in the world.” The first reading is not used to the direct enthusiasm of this book, more like “my Altay” meaningful.I read on and on from summer to today. After reading “Crayfish Singing place”, I re-read it and find it better.Memories of the grandmother, Li Juan’s mother, uncle, big red flowers, and her ugly, tiger, rabbit, chicken, duck, and sunflower, sand jujube flowers, this book of people and plants are particularly fresh, like living around us.Even the lifeless object such as mobile phone, stone, also was endowed by Li Juan intelligence.Her world ranges from the open skies of blue skies, white clouds, deserts and rivers to the quiet and ethereal winds of small flowers and leaves, gravel and wind, which makes her writing stand on its own, as if it had been left to dust and smoke everywhere.The most happy plot of the book is after the sunflower harvest, mother led a large family, including the animals at home, go for a walk.This reminds me of “the world is a good time if there is no mind.”After so long, after the sunflower harvest, I also finally relieved.However, see li Juan mentioned in the afterword after the sunflower harvest uncle paralyzed, sigh unceasingly, myriad feelings.Li Juan said the uncle was her mother’s favorite man and her best husband.The blow, to her mother, was bigger than a missed sunflower crop.This is life, it’s always sad and happy.’People only see the golden glow of sunflowers, but they don’t remember the hardships they went through when they were growing up,’ Ms. Li said.The hardships of labor, the truth of life, are in this “distant sunflower land”, although Li Juan with a lyric and humorous way to chant life and life, but I can still feel some unspeakable bitterness, even pathos.Waiting, enduring and parting are the themes of this book.Finally, I couldn’t help praising Li Juan’s mother.In the face of life, she is a true warrior.Her life, like a sunflower, always chasing the sun, always fighting high.”Sheep Path trilogy” : To open up life every day and every night this book read for a long time, it is “Spring Pasture”, “before the mountain summer pasture”, “back mountain summer pasture” collection.When I tried to turn back, I found that I had finished.The book comes to an end in the happiness and satisfaction of the whole family eating hand-scratched mutton together.In the end, I don’t know why Li Juan ended up living with kazakhs.Herding sheep, herding cattle, boiling water, cooking, separating casein, making butter, rolling felt, changing fields, and at the same time enduring wind and rain, hunger, and cold. The herdsmen are hardworking, intelligent, clever, and philosophical.They don’t need compliments. They have a high tolerance and adaptability to life.All they ate was milk tea and naan bread, with occasional cabbages, gourds, Onions, potatoes and a few sweets for dessert.At the end of the unexpectedly eat meat, in food and peace in an abrupt stop, is li Juan and Goethe think, “every day and every night to open up life, to do the enjoyment of life”?Especially difficult to accept is that the book and Li Juan day and night along with the Kazakh girl Casey, in reality has died.This girl temper big, voice big, courage big, cook hard to eat, dress cost clothes, wear shoes cost shoes, but straightforward bright lovely, vitality like wild horse exuberant, do not know to the reader and Li Juan to bring much joy.She was already deaf in one ear, but it didn’t matter.It may well have been her own carelessness that delayed her illness, and it may well have been the lack of medical care that led to her early death.But she lives forever in these books.Li Juan recorded her short and carefree life.”Winter Pasture” : the real writer’s heart can contain and love all things in heaven and earth now recall the initial reading Of Li Juan’s mentality is curious, especially curious about the life of the remote land, this world actually there are nomadic people living by water grass.I hope that when I get tired of the imperial capital, I can escape to the frontier and experience the uncarved nature and the hustle and bustle of life.I can stand loneliness and loneliness, but I certainly can’t stand the day after day of hard work, cold, hunger.Life on the ranch is poor, common meals are naan and milk tea, a potato, a cabbage is extra meals, hand meat is not often eaten, even less beef and mutton, fruit is not seen at all.So Li Juan describes food with great pen power, feeling between the lines are delicious food taste.I was confused by her words and bought horsemeat, which was very coarse and difficult to chew.And thin cream, very thick, half a bag, han Chinese stomach can not digest.Naan breakfast, delicious but firm, do not like.The hero of these a few books each have focus on, “my Aletai” basically write Li Juan and mother, depend on each other, hold the lovely mother and daughter of all kinds of livelihood.”The Distant Sunflower Field” is about her grandmother, her mother, and her mother’s new love. The family works hard for a whole year, hoping for a sunflower harvest.”The Sheep Path Trilogy” is about Zak’s mother’s family, which is a large Kazakh family, a large family, because of the livelihood of the family separated.Often appear in Li Juan’s pen is the mother and the young son Sihulike, young daughter Cassie.About because the hero is a young boy and girl, “Sheep road trilogy” more than a few minutes of youth bright float in the sky.”Winter Ranch” the hero is a house ma, a house ma five, a middle-aged husband and wife plus three children who have not been married, which is hard to be beaten by life will understand.As a result, winter Ranch is a little more somber.Throughout these works of Li Juan, the adult male she wrote is mostly a glimpse, ju Ma is a rare adult male she spent a lot of ink to describe.Ju Ma has a lot of shortcomings, bad-tempered, unreasonable, face-saving, like to throw, but real, capable, happy and sad are very bright, like the sex version of Cassie.Under the pen, Li Juan, who has never seen her father or husband or boyfriend, has meticulous insight into men, and is clear about the advantages and disadvantages of men. There are jokes, tolerance, admiration and compassion. It can be seen that Li Juan is a generous, transparent and sensitive woman.Some people say that Li Juan likes living ma, I think not, Li Juan knows how to appreciate all things in the world, all kinds of beautiful and lovely living, natural know how to appreciate living ma, he is also a member of all things in the world, and is so vivid and vivid.The true writer has an inclusive and loving heart.Aletai specific to Li Juan, her fierce lovely place, it is she can appreciate the good world and lovely, capture the surprise of the accident, also can accept the heavy life with violence.”I’ve traveled a lot, lived in a lot of houses, slept in a lot of beds.All this is temporary, I suppose.So I have never been afraid of changes and turbulence in my life.””Now in the world the grass rises up against the sky, and the reptiles follow the sun by day and the moon by night.The wind is a transparent river, and the rain is a cold meteor.”Li Juan is a poetic dare to walk in the snow night.