It’s so sweet and so sweet!

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“Thank you!Recently,In nanyue station hall called Ms. Chen managed with diamond ring wave rejoiced with struggling to thank things after 15 February 19 PM citizen wu rushed to mount police station for help the policeman on duty Zheng Zhongliang asked the solution to the day his wife took his diamond ring in the car and get off to a friend’s house nearby hand cream and so on back to the car was found in the pocket of diamond ring”I was so sad to find my diamond ring missing when I got back to my car.The diamond ring is worth more than 150,000 yuan, and it is our engagement token, especially memorable!”His wife, Jin, said, “I wonder if someone picked it up before I could find it.”Zheng Zhongliang had his eureka moment from the parking place near all public video and expanding the scope of the time looking for in order to make sure not to miss any detail separately Zheng Zhongliang and colleagues a frame with a frame patience view at this point, the picture of an old man bent down to pick up things on the earth movement has attracted the attention of people by further screening Zheng Zhongliang understanding to the original,When Ms. Chen returned to the car from a friend’s house, the diamond ring accidentally fell on the ground and then the old man passed by and thought it was a worthless decoration and picked it up with the help of Zheng Zhongliang only 2 hours later, Ms. Chen successfully got back the diamond ring “had no hope, but unexpectedly found it!At about 21 o ‘clock, Ms. Chen and her husband came to Nanyue police station again to express their gratitude to the auxiliary police who helped them. At this time, Zheng Zhongliang and his colleagues happened to be out of the police. When they saw a photo wall, they raised their mobile phones and took pictures.Before leaving, Ms. Chen could not restrain her excitement and waved vigorously to the staff on duty at the reception desk. “Thank you!Thank you very much!”This scene under the monitoring of the warm countless netizens can not help but say: “across the screen have been touched, there is love” “too sweet, too cute” “later after dealing with the police back to the office, colleagues showed us this video, we were infected by her excitement.It was just a small thing, but I felt very happy and satisfied.Zheng zhongliang said