The fifth day of the god of wealth to rain and snow tonight!

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| Saturday congratulations on February 5, 2022 annual fifth — — — — — new/year/fast/music — — — — — to meet the god of wealth auspicious year of the tiger get rich on the fifth gen oxen-led spring, five road, the god of wealth, wealth in the north and south, east and west five through to pick up the small make up after the god of wealth just want to remind you of all stripes came less than two days then end of the lunar New Year holiday ~ today the weather is a thriving business prosperity in zhuhai cloudy this morning after the sunHoled up in the clouds won’t show up in the cold air influence the severe cold, the body feels cold morning 7 according to meteorological monitoring in terms of temperature of 0.6 ℃ in the daytime temperature rise slower by the end of the afternoon 3 when the highest temperature of 2.6 ℃ in 07 when write write 15 when temperatures temperatures compared to yesterday although declined but with wind increased atmospheric diffusion conditions better air quality is getting betterBut this mutation of the painting style is also telling us that a rain and snow is brewing……Future weather trend 0172 hours forecast Xianyang City Observatory on February 5, 2022 at 16:00 weather forecast: it is expected that there will be a snowfall in the city from today night to 7, the city light snow, snow in the southern counties, the main snowfall period for today night.Specific forecast is as follows: Xianyang urban area tonight to tomorrow light snow, -2 to 2 degrees, east wind level 2 northeast.7 light snow to cloudy day, -3 to 5 degrees.8th cloudy to cloudy, -3 to 6 degrees.The rolling forecast for the next 4-7 days is expected to be mainly cloudy from 9th to 10th in Our city, and there will be a weak precipitation process from 11th to 12th.Specific forecasts are as follows:The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. Remind friends to pay attention to the latest weather information and prepare in advance for your return journey. Without further words, let’s see the specific forecast.Partners Xianyang Meteorological Bureau official wechat share the sun share the storm Text content reproduced in the network if there is infringement, please contact us to deal with