“Upgrade-chinese” 2022 Upgrade-Chinese Test (3)

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1. In Autumn Water, summer insects should not speak to iceman.[C] people’s knowledge is limited by time. [D] people’s knowledge is limited by space.2. Confucius is quoted in “On Perseverance” as saying, “For example, when it is a mountain, when it is not completed, I stop;For example, flat ground, although when it is nearly completed, into, I also.”The methods of argument used here are () a. exemplification and deduction B. deduction and analogy C. deduction and analogy3. In How to Avoid Foolish Insights, Russell argues that the best way to overcome prejudice when the evidence for one’s own opinion is insufficient is ()A.[B]. Overcome hubris. [C].4. In the Biography of Zhang Zhongcheng, the hero who pulled out his sword and cut off his finger and shot at the tower was ()A.5. Trees guo Had A clumping of Trees in the analogy of curing people ()A[B]. [C]. [D].6. “The eldest child is the mother of his wife, the younger one is the breast mother, and I am the wife of my wife.”()A. portrait B. language C.7. In the following sentences, which belong to the scene description of Ma Ling Zhuan is ()A.Jinling was the remaining capital of the Ming Dynasty, and there were all the officials in the country. When the peace was at its peak, people were easy to be happy.”Autumn Night” : “He smiled on the corners of his mouth, as if he thought he meant something, and sprinkled frost on the wild flowers in my garden.”()A. date tree B. butterfly C. moon D.The sky 9. The following prose, narrating and lyrical, is () a. Autumn Night B. The Lights of Elke C. Fragrant City D. Dujiangyan 10. The theme of Ant War is ()A.Human beings should protect nature and return to it.By natural selection, the strong survive.The main emotion expressed by the author in Lady Xiang is ()A.12. In Stranger Shangsang, Luo Fu refuses to make you “share” with him, and his character characteristics are ()A.13. The poet whose works are praised as “the history of poetry” is ()A.14. In the following verses of The Song of Everlasting Sorrow, the one that makes the personified both in shape and spirit is ()A.Too liquid hibiscus weiyang liu B. pear flower a spring with rain C. in the sky willing to be a pair of birds D.15. In The Eight Voices of Ganzhou by Liu Yong, the word that runs through the top and bottom of the film is ()A.He Zhu “Partridge day” “wutong half dead clear frost, the first white mandarin duck lost companion to fly” used lyrical method is ()A.B. by things C. by manners D. by metaphors 17.Xin Qiji “Touch the Fish” on the film described the overall scene is ()A.18. From an abstract point of view, the lilac Girl in A Lane in the Rain symbolizes ()A.19. In A Dream of Red Mansions, the character description methods used in Brawling between Baodai and other chapters are different in that ()A is used more.B. Action DESCRIPTION C. language description D. psychological description 20. The central plot described in OH, Fragrant Snow is ()A.The train entered Xiang Xue’s hometown. B. Xiang Xue traded with passengers in a friendly manner. C. “Beijing Dialect” opened Xiang Xue’s vision.She climbed on the train to exchange for a pencil box. 2.Among the following writers, liang Qichao made important contributions to the May 4th New Culture Movement.22. In the ode to The Former Red Cliff, the author’s optimism is expressed in ()A.As far as a reed is, as far as a boundless expanse of blank space.He is the infinite hiding place of the creator, and I share with my son.When we are in the boat, we do not know the whiteness of the East. 23. I and the Altar of The EarthShe is not the kind of mother who loves her son without understanding him. She knows my anguish and should not stop me from going out.How she sat restlessly, in pain and terror, with a mother’s minimal supplication.She had A son who was suddenly paraplegic at the age of 20, her only son e. She preferred to be paraplegic herself rather than her son 24. In the Book “White Dew turns into frost”, then “White Dew wei Xi”, and then “White dew Wei Has”, suggesting ()A.[B]. [C]. [D].The change of the object pursued E. The pursuer’s persistence 25. “Early Goose” by Du Mu, “It should be known that hu Qi are in succession, and do not follow the spring breeze one by one” has the implication of ()A.The enemy troops are about to withdraw. B. The situation has improved. C. They are expected to return home in the spring.Refugees return home hopeless finally, the small game also prepared for everyone welfare, private letter small game can obtain the complete version of the exam language real question assembly and the answer!