What is the deadliest seven inches for India?

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An Indian and three foreign friends were talking about some things in their respective countries. Both sides were very happy originally, but when they were talking, suddenly a foreign friend said, “I know where India is seven inches,” the Indian brothers in the audience became excited and said that their country’s weaknesses, no one has seven inches as big as a snake.Indeed, since its founding, India has always wanted international recognition as a responsible power. That is why they feel that their cities are the best and the rest of the world is nothing.This high level of awareness makes them feel that there is no weakness in their country.In fact, the so-called great power dream in India since the time of Nehru is just a dream, and there is still a long way to go to achieve the dream.But there are some people who think differently, and you see how India has developed over the years, so it is possible for them to achieve their dreams.However, by looking at things not just one way, but from multiple angles, you can find different answers.So where is India’s famous seven inches?If a country wants to become a developed country, its infrastructure needs to be good enough to connect all industries.India thinks they have the longest roads in the world, so there is nothing wrong with them, but if we take a closer look, we can see that the indians have put some dirt roads in the country into the project mileage.This makes some people feel strange, the so-called road should be asphalt road, rather than the so-called dirt road, after all, the dirt road is dusty, the road is difficult to walk, few people are willing to walk, so this road, certainly can not be counted in the national highway mileage road.But this is quite normal in India, after all they put cow dung in the country’s GDP, so there is no problem with rural roads being counted in total road mileage.Apart from roads, India’s internal railways, Bridges, highways, Internet etc. are a bunch of problems that can be said to have not been dealt with in time to make India a nation.Indians think that this is not things, such as economic development, to do all this time, however, this approach has obvious errors, you say which developed countries, is not the first to improve infrastructure, to drive the economic development, it is because the conceptual errors, now many domestic infrastructure are Britain’s colonial period.It is not possible that manufacturing can not support the development of the country. India is famous for manufacturing all over the world.Look at the Tata Group, the mighty pharmaceutical industry, the textile industry, the motorcycle industry, which is not the pride of the Indian nation.But apart from that, What India has to offer is really good.Why say that. After all, whether one country can quickly pounce, basically see is manufacturing, you look at the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France and other countries, representatives of the country is not high end manufacturing, high-end than, however, since the India mid-range can be competent in countries such as China, Vietnam, I think from the point of manufacturing for several years, the development speed, also than however.It is not easy for India to become a country since the country has big problems in manufacturing industry. Why do you say that if the manufacturing industry can develop rapidly, it will not only drive the service industry, agriculture and other related industries, but also bring enough vitality to the country.As we know, agriculture is the first factor in the development of a country, while industry (manufacturing) is the second factor, and the service industry ranks last. Why is this ranking? Do you think that if a person does not eat, he can walk and get up to work?If the service industry is strong, you can have more time to enjoy life after work, while industry (industry, manufacturing) is your backbone. Once these industries are strong, you are fully qualified to challenge.In recent years, the Indian government has been aware of its weaknesses, so they have invested in manufacturing in the hope of getting the country out of the doldrums as quickly as possible, but there is still a long way to go before the weak manufacturing sector can be remedied.The influence of religious culture India is a country with a strong religious culture, and buildings with religious colors can be seen everywhere in this country. Because of this, nearly 80% of the people in India believe in Hinduism, and the rest 20% have Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and so on.In addition, India is a country with a rigid caste system, and it is very difficult to cross the caste wall in this country.This is why Indians are the first to collapse when faced with major difficulties, so they have been defeated by foreign forces several times in the thousand years of history.But even so, Indians still do not forget that they want to be a responsible power, so they regard Britain and The United States as their target to surpass, but in fact, they know that it is not easy to become a great power like Britain and France, after all, Britain and the United States and other countries are like gods in their hearts.In this case, you say India still has a chance to become a responsible power, after all, the religious conflict in the country does affect India’s development.Made in China is cheap and loved by millions of people, but made in India is not loved by anyone. That alone shows how influential China is in the world.Indeed, made in China does bring convenience to the world. If you think about it, when you want to buy a product and find that your product is inferior to other countries in terms of manufacturing cost, materials and retail price, you will feel absolutely crushed.This is the case in India. Due to the influence of the manufacturing industry, they have to purchase some goods needed by the domestic market. As a result, it is difficult to keep up with the actual domestic demand in terms of purchasing strength, which ultimately leads to the lack of global competition for Indian goods.Nowadays, the international manufacturing industry is dominated by the United States, Japan and Germany at the high end, and influenced by China and Vietnam at the middle and low end.That is why it is not easy for Indian manufacturing to break out of such a complex situation.However, it is not impossible for India to develop its manufacturing industry. After all, it can solve the problem by cozying up to its neighbor China.Why do you say so? China is very complete in industrial system and the gap between China and the world powers is getting smaller and smaller these years.Therefore, if India can get rid of prejudice and fully cooperate with China, it will be able to boost its manufacturing industry.This opinion is mainly due to the high labor cost in China, and many enterprises choose to set up factories in India in pursuit of profits. In this way, it can fully drive the rise of Indian manufacturing industry.But The Indian side does not want the two countries to fully cooperate, after all they have a “border conflict” with us.Can this problem be solved? It is totally possible, but the choice is up to India. As long as they see some things clearly, they can improve the relations between the two countries.We all know this truth. It is not good to have a good relationship with your neighbor and let the rising neighbor take you flying. Why should you pretend to be cold and arrogant?Therefore, I think India’s seven inches is due to weak infrastructure, weak manufacturing sector, influence of religion and culture, lack of good relations with neighbors, I believe the so-called big brother, from a combination of several factors, finally formed India’s seven inches.What do you think about that?