Seat belt saves life in car crash in Taoyuan

2022-08-13 0 By

On January 22, 2022, there was a one-way road traffic accident in Zhengjiayi, Taoyuan County. A car lost control and hit the cement pier on the roadside, causing serious damage to the vehicle. Fortunately, the driver and passengers on the passenger seat belt were not harmed.In the afternoon, Liu drove a hunan J plate small ordinary bus, carrying their own 6 people (together with the driver), along 319 national road Taoyuan section driving.At 15:10, when driving to Zhengjiayi Town Changji village road section, the wheels seem to roll to the road stone, which causes the wheels to skid, coupled with Liu driving some distraction, in case of reaction less than, improper operation, the vehicle out of control hit the roadside cement pier.Due to the speed and impact force, the accident caused serious damage to the vehicle.Fortunately, the driver liu and liu’s grandfather holding the little great-grandson in the passenger seat were fastened their seat belts, the car after the crash airbags popped, Liu’s grandfather and little great-grandson were not injured, Liu himself only slightly injured.And 3 people in the back of the car (Liu’s wife, son, aunt) because of not wearing a seat belt, the vehicle violent impact, and caused three people have a second impact, resulting in three people in the back injured are more serious.The impact was so strong that the driver and the passenger in the front passenger seat could have been seriously injured or even life-threatening if they were not wearing seat belts.Traffic police remind the majority of drivers and passengers, please first fasten your seat belt when driving. In addition to the front row of the vehicle, the rear passengers should also consciously fasten their seat belts to avoid irreparable serious consequences.(Correspondent: Xu Tan)