Beat “Hot Wives,” but was finally captured by the 9.8-point wine Lovers masterpiece!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# Novel Recommendation # Today xiaobi recommend to everyone: Beat “Hot Wives”, but was finally captured by the 9.8-point wine Lovers masterpiece!Introduction: “Lu Zhi, we should not have been together.”Cui Hang fought back tears in her eyes.”So you fucking let me fall in love with you?”Lu Zhi was growling.How to get into the pit: After a long walk, they are almost unable to walk.There were two sets of bedclothes, one thick and one thin, and so was the mattress, as well as the sheet and comforter, all striped in cyan.With buckets in their hands, they’re walking around six buildings.Liang Zhi is in the bedroom opposite Cui Hang, 425.Back to the bedroom, Cui Hang saw the bedroom inside, and a few more people.Close to the window of the two lower bunk, have been someone, and have put the bed, mosquito net also hung in an orderly way.But unlike Cui hang, they were accompanied by their parents.The father and son on his lower bunk looked exactly the same, even with the same hair color, and the son’s hair was a little gray.This should be a young white head, but Cui Hang did not stare at it all the time, so it seemed a little disrespectful.And the other guy in the bottom bunk, very handsome, but not their type.”Hello uncle, hello uncle.”Cui Hang is very polite to say hello to those two parents.The two parents smiled back, but were surprised to see Cui Hang alone.”No one to see you off?”Asked the white-haired patriarch.Cui Hang smiled and said, “My home is too far away, and my parents have never been out of town, so I didn’t let them come.”Introduction: As a pauper, everyone said that she had to burn incense to marry such an excellent man in her previous life, and she also thought so.How to get into the pit: “He will move in my stomach, he is very good, very obedient, never bother me, he is really good.I beg you, keep him…””You can punish me any way you like. All I ask is that you keep him, even if I die, Shih…”He held the glass, his hand waving, its red wine like red silk wrapped around his long white hands, careless.It’s not like anything down here has anything to do with him.The forest curtain shed tears.She knew he wouldn’t. If he wanted to, he would have.Still, she hoped.It’s all his blood. It’s his blood.”Shih, I beg you, for the sake of our one-year marriage, save our child, I beg you…”Limited Liu frown, look at the opposite of zhan Lian, stand up, “Zhao Qiwei, you are enough.”Zhao Qiwei finally stopped, and Lin Shade body is a pool of blood color, crystal lamp shine on above see dazzling people.Chaperon (Limited), you are not so kind.Do not do so liu Kum looks cold, “I do not need your intervention!”Brief introduction: Zhou Shaojin is reborn. Her cousin Chenglu, who betrayed her in a previous life, is struck out, but she also has many other Cousins, Cheng Xu, Cheng Wu, Cheng Ju, etc…Into the pit guide: he and Cheng Yuan, yue home to discuss, the new house to find a place in the jia Shu Hall behind the han Qiu pavilion.It was the first time he had made a decision.Unable to refute her son’s remarks, the old lady also tried to avoid the troubles in the fifth room and went on living there.Zhou Shaojin walked into the hall, the morning mist has dispersed, side green willow light, osmanthus trees into the shade, crape myrtle, Chinese rose, winter jasmine, oleander bloom, vegetation fragrance mixed with light flowers, let a person smell can not help but a spirit.To meet them was a big servant girl close to the old lady.Dressed in a scarlet chabbie, with a round face and a sweet smile, she knelt at a distance to greet Zhou Shaojin and her sisters, saying, “Miss, the old lady is waiting for you.”Zhou Shaojin smiled and nodded as she entered the main hall.Old Lady Guan was sitting on a low couch inlaid with lingshan stone and carved in red lacquer in the main hall, holding the hand of Zhou Chu-jin, who was standing in front of the couch, and talking.She is fifty-six years old, grey-haired and looks five or six years older than her actual age. She wears a bright blue moire beizi.She turned her head when she heard the noise.Gentle eyes with a kind smile, loving and kind.(Click below to read it for free) Beat Out Sexy Wives, only to be captured by The 9.8-point wine Lover!That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.”Ancient” “wonderful even day into” both throw in the towel, “Doctor Poison princess” with 9.9 points counterattack first!”Peach blossom debt” also throw in the towel, now the screen is qianhuaku fall this article, 9.8 points to win!Escaped the rain, avoid ye Fei night, but was lindi son this 9.9 minutes long separation of the article touched to heart!