Advocating local Chinese New Year, Changsha offers “free meal”

2022-08-12 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily January 27 – (all media reporter Hu Rui) to send New Year’s goods, free living, free nucleic acid, and free viewing, cultural tour venues, children’s education activities…On January 27, sanxiang Metropolis daily reporter learned that in order to encourage people from other provinces to stay for the Spring Festival, Changsha County, Changsha economic development zone launched the corresponding supporting policies to support, some enterprises also tried all kinds of “tricks”.For two years in a row, “People are not together but heart to heart” and “my family also supports me to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.On January 27, he Qijun, an employee from Henan province, told reporters with a smile that although he also wanted to go home to spend a lively New Year with his parents, wife and children in their 70s, he chose to stay in Changsha alone.In fact, in the Open area of Changsha, like He Qijun, there are many people who stay for the New Year.”For those who stay for the Spring Festival, food, drink and accommodation have all been well arranged.”Foton Automobile Changsha plant youth League committee related person in charge of the introduction to Daini, changsha plant this year, a total of 12 non-Hunan employees actively respond to the group and the government “New Year in situ” call, “yesterday the enterprise has given them a New Year gift package.””People are not with their families, but they are close to each other.”In the run-up to the Spring Festival, He qijun said, I wish my parents good health, I wish my wife always young, I wish my children academic success, and I wish the motherland prosperity.The reporter learned from the Changsha Economic development Zone that during the Spring Festival in 2022, changsha County cultural center, cultural museums, libraries, cultural and sports service centers and other public cultural and sports venues will be open to the public for free.All levels of scenic spots in the county are exempt from admission for those who are not registered permanent residents of Hunan Province to stay in counties (districts) for the New Year.”Those who live in public rental housing owned by county (district) government investment can be exempted from corresponding rent for one month.”The relevant person in charge of Changsha Economic development Zone introduced that in terms of recruitment services, the park will organize a series of online recruitment activities of “Spring Festival in place, ‘job’ waiting for you to come”, and open a special channel for employees who are not registered in Hunan Province to stay in counties (districts) during the Spring Festival, and provide free employment guidance services.During the Spring Festival, changsha County and Changsha Economic development Zone will organize by appointment to provide patriotic education, labor practice, homework guidance, happy reading, healthy growth experience and art appreciation in Changsha Weixi International School free of charge for the children of those who are not registered permanent residence in Hunan Province.During the period, free nucleic acid testing was conducted in the first hospital, second hospital, Maternal and child Health Care Hospital and Xingsha Hospital (Bancang Hospital) for non-resident persons in Hunan Province.”This place of peace is my home, but may both my country and home be safe.”Thanks for your understanding, support and cooperation on epidemic prevention and control, and wish you all a happy, joyful and peaceful Spring Festival.[Editor: Wu Daixia][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]