More than 16,000 ploughing machines in Rongxian county, Sichuan province. Three large tractors can plow 30 mu of land a day

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On February 9th, after nearly 10 days of light rain, the sky finally ushered in the warm sunshine.On a hillside in goldfish village, Xuyang town, Rongxian County, two large tractors are busy ploughing in the field, and the fragrance of the soil is distributed in the field.At present, Rongxian has large, medium and small farming and land preparation agricultural machinery more than 16,000 sets, most have completed overhaul, spring production will all work.The tractor that these two construction work, it is the equipment that rong county jiacheng agricultural machinery serves only close society.Li Chengfu, the person in charge of the special cooperative, said that the cooperative has 53 sets of machinery for land preparation, and 3 large tractors can plow about 30 mu of land a day, which is suitable for turning large pieces of land.50 small tillage machines can plow more than 3 mu a day, suitable for small land plowing operations.”We started working in the county in January before the Spring Festival.”Li Chengfu, so far, has ploughed more than 200 acres of land, the next will be in the county to carry out ploughing operations to help spring production.Rongxian Jianhua grain professional cooperative, Rongxian Huifeng agricultural machinery professional cooperative, is also rongxian has the most agricultural machinery equipment cooperatives, two cooperatives of agricultural machinery equipment a total of more than 130 sets, including large farming, harvesting equipment has more than 50 sets.”Before and after the Spring Festival, all agricultural machinery and equipment have been repaired and maintained, and sufficient oil has been prepared, and operators have been trained. In a few days, we will go to the fields to start the spring ploughing operation.”Rong County jianhua grain special cooperative director Luo Jianhua introduced.In 2021, Rong County will strive for agricultural machinery subsidy funds of 2.04 million yuan, carry out agricultural machinery purchase subsidies of more than 4,000 sets of more than 1.95 million yuan, carry out agricultural machinery scrap renewal subsidies of 44 sets of more than 350,000 yuan.This year, the rong county has been in place for the first batch of farm machinery subsidy fund 1.41 million yuan, will be at the same time to carry out the farm machinery purchase subsidies scrapped subsidies, agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery operation and three subsidy, the subsidy policy, the full implementation will be proud of county, 370000 mu of main crops such as rice, more than 20, ten thousand mu of corn mechanization production play a great role in promoting.