Building street Xinhua Community: Prevent telecom fraud guarding the “money bag” of the masses

2022-08-11 0 By

In order to further improve the construction of street Xinhua community residents know to cheat and prevent cheating, prevent telecom fraud awareness and ability, prevent and reduce the occurrence of telecom fraud cases, February 16, the construction of street Xinhua community to carry out anti-telecom fraud into the community publicity activities.In the day he garden community propaganda activities, community cadres to residents propaganda telecom fraud case characteristics, fraud methods and how to identify, how to deal with and prevent being deceived and other content, remind the broad masses of residents “not credulous, not remittance, not disclosed”.Residents are repeatedly told not to easily inform others of personal information, card number, deposit password, etc., not to open SMS links, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, etc., not to reveal personal information due to curiosity or greed.During the activity, a number of residents actively speak and interact, have said that the construction of street Xinhua community against electricity fraud publicity activities, enhance their understanding of telecom fraud, enhance their awareness and ability to prevent.Resident Ms Chen said: “the publicity activities, let me deeply understand the diversification of telecom fraud means, improve my vigilance, I will be publicity materials to take home, let the family also master anti-fraud knowledge.”Through this publicity activity, further strengthen the community residents’ awareness of prevention, effectively improve the masses of fraud prevention, identification and self-protection ability.(Correspondent Hu Xuemei)