Ziyang Public Security Sub-bureau to carry out pre-festival visits

2022-08-10 0 By

Ruixue welcome spring, winter to send warm.In order to express the concern and greetings to retired comrades, retired soldiers, police officers on duty and in difficulties, auxiliary police, Ziyang Public Security Sub-bureau launched a week-long pre-holiday consolation activity from January 24 to 29.During the activity, the main leaders of the sub-bureau went to grassroots units or retired comrades’ homes to visit and comfort retired civilian auxiliary police, police in difficulties and retired comrades, bringing care and warmth from the organization to everyone.At the grass-roots units, the bureau leadership to work hard for a year comrades expressed condolences, send condolence money, encourage you based on the post to make contributions, loyalty for the people practice beginner’s heart, through their own efforts to struggle to let life over the better.In the home of retired old comrades, the bureau leadership to the public security cause has made outstanding contributions to the old leaders, old comrade-in-arms expressed cordial sympathy, and they talked about their health and retirement life, wish them good health, life, family happiness, happy holidays.▲ Bureau leaders to carry out pre-festival visit condolence activities through the pre-festival visit condolence activities, further unite the team, cohesion of the police.We all said that we are always proud of ourselves as a member of Ziyang Public Security. We will do our job as always and work together to create a new future for ziyang public security.