What personnel does Henan deal with safety production license have to equip requirement?

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A:Transact safety production license should be equipped with three kinds of personnel (i.e., A and B and C) and special operations personnel, A card refers to the safety in production enterprises principal nuclear test certificate, B card refers to the project director of the inspection certificate of quality, production safety C certificate refers to the enterprise full-time safety management personnel of production safety inspection certificate,Special operation personnel certificate refers to the special operation personnel operating qualification certificate issued by the competent departments of relevant industries such as the department of housing and construction, the department of emergency management and so on.For details, please refer to the official website of Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development – Public Service – Download section – Staffing Standards for Work Safety License.Three types of personnel allocation formula: 2 A+N B+(N+1) C Note: B certificate must be taken by registered construction engineer!For example: construction general contracting level 3 qualification, need 2 A5 B6 C 5 special workers Henan safety production license personnel allocation?Henan Zhengzhou safety production permit personnel allocation requirements?Henan Kaifeng safety production license personnel allocation how appropriate?