A new round of nucleic acid screening launched hongqiao AirportReply issued by Shanghai

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Xue Shasha, reporter of the Paper, on March 28, a netizen asked in the comment section of the wechat public account “Shanghai Release” : “How do I go from other places to Hongqiao Airport today and pudong to go abroad by plane tomorrow?”Shanghai Issued a reply on the same day: “Transit passengers in Shanghai, landing hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport, can take the first line at hongqiao Hub East Traffic Center to go;Landing at Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport, you can take the airport first line at pudong Airport T2 terminal bus hub.On the evening of March 27, “Shanghai released” news that a new round of cut-and-mesh nucleic acid screening will be carried out across the city.In the first batch, Pudong, Punan and adjacent areas (including the whole Pudong New Area, Fengxian District, Jinshan District, Chongming District, Pujin Street, Pujiang Town, Xinbang Town, Shihulang Town, Maogang Town and Yexie Town of Minhang District) were first put into lockdown and nucleic acid screening. The lockdown was lifted at 5 o ‘clock on April 1.At the same time, key areas of Puxi continue to implement containment management.For the second batch, containment and nucleic acid screening were carried out in Puxi from 3 o ‘clock on April 1 in accordance with the principle of stubble suppression. The containment was unsealed at 3 o ‘clock on April 5.Buses, subways, ferries, taxis and online taxi services were suspended in the containment area except for vehicles for epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment and livelihood support.In the airport line, the airport ring line, the airport line eight shutdown;Airport line 1, airport line 2, airport line 4, airport line 5, airport line 9, airport night snack line normal operation;Airport line 7 from Pudong airport to longyang Road passenger station.Editor: Guan Zhuo Photo editor: Le Yufeng