Wushu even edition of shandong university rankings, crowded under the 985 and 211 universities, qingda took the second place

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Shandong University is expected to rank first in the 2022 Wushu-linked edition of Shandong University Rankings.Normal second place should be the province of 985 universities of China ocean University or 211 universities of China University of Petroleum (East China), the second place of the wushu even is four non-Qingdao University.In the past five years, the university has made great progress and its achievements are there for all to see.But how progress also won’t two 985 and 211 universities are more than it;Become 985 colleges and universities have their own trump card disciplines, not general colleges and universities can shake the strength.In the comprehensive university list of Shandong Province, Shandong University ranked first, Qingdao University second, Ocean University of China third, China University of Petroleum (East China) fourth;This is the basic pattern of the top four in many business rankings;But young university ranking in the second or very few, ranked in the fourth time more;After all, the discipline strength and educational foundation of 985 and 211 universities are still very good, and other universities can not be surpassed by just making progress.Haida and Stone why will be lost to four non of the young university?According to the data given by Wu Shulian on the list, in the scientific research of Shanghai university and Stone university performance is too poor;Its scientific research score was 12.01.It was 9.43 for Haidian University and 8.64 for Shi University. We don’t know what materials Wu Shulian referred to for his scientific research data.It is not news that the double Africa universities exceed the 211 universities, but the 985 universities. At present, only the South University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen and the University of Shenzhen have such ability.Both schools are available in N&Publish academic papers of international standard on S;At present, there are few double non universities in China with such strength, and some 211 universities are not in N&He has published papers on the S journal.Young University has in N&S to publish papers?So there are too many dissenting rankings.The top five to 10 are Shan Normal University, Shan University of Science and Technology, Ji University, Qu Normal University, Shan Nong University and Qing University;The ranking of these six universities is acceptable, but PERSONALLY, I think Qu Normal University and Youth University of Science and Technology are a little too high.Should be located in Qilu university of Technology and Shandong finance and economics, in the domestic influence of the mountain finance and economics should be much stronger than the Qushi, qushi’s reputation in mathematics and the rate of postgraduate entrance examination, other strength is relatively less than.Qilu university of technology of scientific research ability, these six universities are not comparable.However, qilu University of Technology has not fully shown its advantages in scientific research and discipline due to its short time of incorporation.The low ranking is understandable.After 10 universities inside, Shandong first discipline university ranked in the back of binzhou Medical College is wrong?The strength of other colleges and universities is basically very average;It makes sense to put anyone in the front, and it also makes sense to put them in the back.The ranking of undergraduate universities in prefecture-level cities is indeed not easy to compare. If we look at it according to the heat, medical colleges and normal universities should be a little ahead.The second is that hot engineering is a little better.Shandong province of the university ranking, only a little high qingda outrageous, the ranking of other universities can also be said to pass.The influence of many colleges and universities is in the province. The popularity of colleges and universities in Jinan and Qingdao is higher and more sought after.The discipline strength and scientific research ability of other universities are not easy to say;Basically see you choose what major, went to what school read.No hat of the university, professional strength stronger than the university ranking.