2-2!Australia were held to a draw in 89 minutes, four points behind Saudi Arabia and in critical condition to qualify

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Oman VS Australia in the round of 12 on February 2.In the first half, McClaren scored a penalty;In the second half, Abdul Ghafoor scored twice and Mooy scored.In the end, Australia 2-2 Oman.Japan beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the match that had already been played.There are pluses and minuses for Australia: on the plus side, Saudi Arabia gets bogged down;On the downside, if Oman fails to win, the gap with Japan will be widened.In the 14th minute, Australia were awarded a penalty kick, which McClaren scored.In the 53rd minute, Abdul Ghafoor scored a long-range goal.In the 79th minute, Mooy scored.In the 89th minute, Abdul Ghafoor scored a penalty kick.Australia then stormed around Oman.Unfortunately, has been unable to break the field score deadlock.In the end, the score stayed at 2-2, with Australia taking just one point.In the first meeting in October, Australia won 3-1.Speaking from the historical record, Australia also occupies the absolute advantage.Did not expect, this match they were actually forced to draw by Oman, burst the round of the preliminary round of a surprise.With Australia equalising, their qualification is at stake: Saudi Arabia 19 points, Japan 18 and Australia 15.In the next round, Saudi Arabia wins and goes straight through.And Saudi Arabia’s opponents, just a 3-1 defeat to Vietnam’s National football team.And Australia will play Japan in the next round.It can be seen that Japan and Saudi Arabia are likely to join hands in the next round.Starting for Oman:18 – method, rasch di, 6 – ahmad, 13 meters west, 3 – h m – dick durbin, 21 – abdullah keatsy – cover, and 4 – arshad – Mr Allawi, 17 – al alawi, 10 omar – zhari, 7 — khalid haji, 14 – eminem Judd halsey, 16 – mata – abdullah saleh, 12 – methodWaz Abdelghafoor for Australia: 1- Matthew Ryan, 5- Karacic, 2- Degnek, 20- Sainsbury, 16- Bijic, 22- Jackson Owen, 13- Mooy, 23- Rojic, 6- Boyle, 9- Jamie McLaren, 7- Matthew Leckie