What kind of plant is bone broken butch?

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In our country, liaoning, shandong, jiangsu, Taiwan and other provinces and regions of forest tree trunk and a growing in rock ferns, its characteristic is plant height under 40 cm, rhizomes horizontal, thick around 4 mm, surface densely fluffy gray brown scales, Ye Yuansheng, apart from 1 to 5 cm, blade contour pentagon or ovate, crack of the back four feather, pinna 6-12 for,It is often called Gushusbu or monkey ginger, which has medicinal value.Today I’ll tell you something about this plant.1. Name and Classification Status of Guisetum is the official middle name, which was recorded in The Flora of China.There are two interesting theories about the origin of this name.Another said tang Ming Huang Li Longji a mountain hunting, a concubine was frightened by the leopard, fell off the horse, fracture of the right forearm, a guard from the rocks to pick a herbal medicine, the herbal medicine smashed on the wound, soon the broken bone of the concubine continued, wound healing;Tang Ming Emperor was so happy that he asked the guard the name of the herb, but the guard did not know the name. Therefore, tang Ming Emperor gave the herb the name “Bone Broken bue”, which has been passed down to this day.Gusuobu also has other nicknames, such as rou Suobu, Stone ginger, monkey ginger, hairy ginger, rock ginger and so on. These names are related to its characteristics and the shape of rhizomes.In botany, it belongs to the epiphytic plant of pteridophyte phylum true ferns order bone broken complement family bone broken complement.2. Distribution and Growth Environment Of The rhizoma vulgaris is mainly distributed in Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Taiwan and other provinces in China.It usually grows on tree trunks or rocks in mountain forests up to 700 m above sea level.3. First, it is a medium-sized epiphytic fern with a transverse rhizoid, nicknamed with grayish brown scales and eyelashes at the edge of scales.The second is leaves distant, petioles 6-20 cm long, brown, pentagonal or ovate, four pinnatifid, pinnae 6-12 pairs, lobes narrow and fine, sporangia growing on the tip of leaf veins.Second, the main uses of bone broken bu. first, its rhizome medicinal, its taste bitter, warm, with kidney strengthening bone, injury and pain relief effect;It mainly contains flavonoids, triterpenoids, phenylpropanoids, lignans, phenolic acids, glycosides and other effective components.Please follow the doctor’s advice when using medicine.Second, the plant is medium-sized, green leaves, high ornamental value, can be potted ornamental application.