Home furnishing service users will break millions from the “home furnishing care” brand service effect

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From March 12th to 13th, the press conference of family care service was held in Nanjing and Jinhua.On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of gu Jia Care action, Gu Jia Home invited the authoritative media and product quality certification agencies to witness this glorious moment together, and released the spring new gu Jia cloth art “with a strong heart”, in addition to inviting star guests to help the brand voice.At the press conference, Liu Hong, vice-president of Gu Home, announced: “The total number of gu Home care service users will exceed ‘one million’ by 2022.”When an industry emerges, the limelight is flourishing, the market blue sea, capital rush in;When an industry matures, the cake is divided and the original market dividend gradually disappears, some of them leave with a lot of money, some of them hold the cake in their hands and continue to wait for the new cake, and some of them are ready to try, looking for a new wind.Obviously, the last of the three is the best way to move the industry forward.Nowadays, household industry development entered mature period.Home furnishing brands find that it is far from enough just to meet the needs of consumers on the basic functions of products. In this context, brands are actively looking for ways to break the situation:To combine home furnishing products with intelligence, to combine home furnishing products with suitable aging, to add national fashion elements in product design, or to choose more low-carbon and environmentally friendly production materials, etc., these measures are nothing but targeted at the current consumer pain points or consumer trends.However, no matter how the brand innovation to break the situation, always inseparable from a principle: is to do a good job of “service”.At present, affected by the consumption upgrade, consumers’ pursuit of quality life is increasingly prominent. The market is undergoing the transition from product market to service market, and the importance of good service is self-evident.So how are “home services” doing these days?What kind of ripples can it make in the market?That’s what the family home of Ten years home care service says.Vice President of family household 19 for deep “service” and “millions of users” occupation of the future market for any household brand can be said to be the common occurance, but for a household brand “service” is the industry’s first, the moment of millions of users’ goals must be a victory of a household service transformation.But there is more to think about before the final results arrive.What has “Family Care” gone through in ten years?What can home furnishing brands learn from ten years of home care service?The action of home furnishing service began in 2013, originally named as “Sofa Cultivation Festival”, the service content is to clean sofa for old users free of charge;In 2016, the service brand “Family care” was formally established. Since then, “family care” has become the first brand of “service” in the home furnishing industry.There are a lot of unknowns about exploring an area that no one else is interested in, such as unknowns about market feedback, unknowns about brand revenue, unknowns about industry reviews, etc.However, in the face of these risks, Family Care did not hesitate to keep moving forward.First of all, the service content is constantly superimposed to extend the connotation of service. In 2019, 21 door-to-door service procedures were launched to refine the service process to all links;In 2020, Gu Jia Care proposed eight commitments, including all nodes of pre-sales service, product quality, contract execution, after-sales treatment and door-to-door service charges;In 2021, a one-button reservation customer service system will be built;Add services such as cleaning carpets and curtains in 2022…From the initiative of “ten steps of self-cultivation”, to the executive on-site service to listen to the voice of users;From the launch of 100 service cars to the establishment of the user home care system…In the past ten years, care-for-family has constantly promoted the standardization of service.A detailed analysis shows that every step of family care is a game with the industry’s pain points. First, it breaks through the difficulty of “industry unprecedented”.Then, the process of “cleaning service” is refined and the action is standardized, so that users really feel “served”.Behind the continuous upgrading of services implied: in order to really play the utility of brand service value, Gu Jia Home has always been a deep insight into the real needs of users.And from “service” this one action holds fast to 10 years can see, gu Jia lives in “service line” chase after “product line” pace advances all the way gaolily, as domestic software household head brand, Gu Jia lives in firm “gu Jia cares about” brand development confidence, be sure to open up on brand new development route “the 2nd spring”.Gujia Home user service and operation center Deputy general manager Jiang Liang also as Gujia Home user service and operation center deputy general manager Jiang Liang summed up at the press conference, ten years, Gujia care experienced “three changes, a adhere to, a constant”.”Change” refers to the improvement of service cognition, richer service scenes and more professional service actions.Persistence refers to: in September every year, senior executives will be held door-to-door activities as scheduled to listen to users’ voices and improve services;And in these processes unchanged is: the original mind unchanged.Family care takes service as its own responsibility, cares for users attentively, and brings better service experience to consumers.Talking about the future development of the brand, Jiang Liang said: “As a service brand of gujia Home, We will always put gujia users in the first place. While providing good service to gujia users, we are willing to assume corresponding social responsibilities as far as we can.Contributing to the development of home services across the industry.”The White Paper was released to provide authoritative reference and summary of the journey of family care services. The underlying logic is: to provide services, to provide more services, to provide better services.Although now Gujia home will be the leading service in the industry, so that more and more brands realize the importance of “service force”, but “service force” is by no means a new word in the industry.Wang Jing, national chief editor of Sina Home Furnishing, released the White Paper on the Development of After-sales Service in China’s Home Furnishing Industry (hereinafter referred to as “White Paper”) at the event site. She sorted out the policy changes of after-sales service in the industry from 2006 to 2020, and predicted the future trend of after-sales service in the home furnishing industry.The white paper notes that standards and specifications for after-sales service have been issued since 2006, urging brands to focus on “service power”.The White Paper lists the outstanding brands in the home appliance industry in terms of service. For example, Unexpectedly Home disclosed six proprietary IP addresses at the end of 2020 to build a digital home decoration industry service platform, realizing the transformation from “one-stop transaction” to “one-stop service”.As one of the three white electric giants, Haier Zhijia takes the pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction as the foundation of its life and the way of survival. Through continuous innovation and upgrading of the service system, haier Zhijia provides consumers with high-quality, family-oriented value-added services. The brand has been born for many years, and “after-sales service” has long been its label.The white Paper points to changes in the consumer market, which is transforming from a product market to a service market, as consumers demand more and more services and experiences.The content mentioned also confirmed the necessity and correctness of home furnishing brand to “service” level of force, visible, to serve the main business of “family care” will eventually become a strong sign of home furnishing brand development.And this time gu Jia home furnishing united Sina home furnishing issued “White Paper of China home furnishing industry after-sale service development” not only endorses gu Jia home furnishing brand development, it analyzes the change of industry after-sale service and the trend of future after-sale service from the perspective of professional media, but also provides authoritative reference for the service upgrade of the whole home furnishing industry.Where is the confidence to reach the “million user target”?Family care service action since 2013, through hundreds of thousands of times with users “zero distance” runin, from the service attitude, temperature, depth of force, and constantly promote service standardization, standardization, really set a model for home brand.However, good service alone does not allow users to directly recognize the product and choose the brand, so in addition to ten years of service accumulation, what is its confidence to achieve the goal of “millions of users”?Gujia household, “China quality thousands of miles” and “product reliability report” strategy launching ceremony as the saying goes “gold cup silver cup is not as good as’ good public praise ‘”, and for household brands, all kinds of trophies are not as good as quality products do basic security benefits, product quality is good public praise.In this release meeting, gu Jia lives in and national market supervises management general bureau to be in charge of “China quality ten thousand miles travel” and “product reliability report” start strategy to sign a contract ceremony, gu Jia lives in invite authoritative orgnaique of two quality domain to track, supervise brand year service quality.Dare to put product quality under the eyes of the public detection, enough to see its confidence in product quality.And good product quality is the endorsement of good brand reputation, it is not difficult to foresee that there will be more users to choose gujia products, and then choose Gujia care services.Similarly, in addition to product quality, The brand rejuvenation strategy that Gujia always adheres to is also paving the way for the realization of the goal of “millions of users”.Family home following the fashion trends, in recent years, every time “family-centered care conference service” are invited guest star and supporting her voice, since 2021, and “family love” editing the RAP, to do household maintenance service personnel quality, product process design young fashion, etc., notting have is not conform to the needs of the present mainstream consumer groups.After 90 become mainstream household consumer group in the present, interesting, quality, temperature are the factors that promote this group to make purchase decisions.Therefore, younger product design, younger marketing form and younger service are the key for the brand to gain more “fans” users.”The customer is King” has been the mantra of the industry for decades. Supposedly, service shouldn’t be exaggerated, it should be an add-on to what a brand offers consumers.Only because the industry is seriously missing, the market is in urgent need, it is highlighted.With the March 15 International Consumer Rights Day approaching, every trend in the consumer market is attracting more attention.Recently, according to the consumer complaint data released by the China Consumers Association in 2021, 1,044,861 consumer complaints were accepted in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 6.37%.According to the nature of complaints, after-sales service problems accounted for the most, up to 31.54%.”Service power” is becoming the key to the competitiveness of each brand.I hope gujia can use the development history of home furnishing service for ten years to ring the alarm bell for the industry. After the product is sold out, the back-end service should also keep up, so that the proportion of complaints is smaller, so that “service first” is not just an empty slogan.