Escape from the chamber of Secrets, script to kill management chaos elephant can not tube?Here’s a new solution!

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From popular variety shows to offline social activities, secret room escape and script killing have quietly emerged as the new favorites of social activities. Confined space, tense and exciting plots, various traps and immersive experience make them popular among young people.At the same time, the industry chain frequently exposed many problems, also more and more attention.How to let young people “top” escape from the chamber of secrets, script killing industry to “track”?A few days ago, procuratorate of Dinghai district of Zhoushan city of Zhejiang province holds industry management meeting, with personnel of management of relevant functional branch, industry discusses the dinghai solution that gave standard industry healthy development jointly.On March 3, zhoushan Evening News reported on the front page that an 11-year-old boy in The city went to a real-life escape room and was frightened by the terrifying scene inside.At the end of December 2021, Mr. Li took his 11-year-old son’s birthday request to a real room in Dinghai to escape.The chamber is divided into several themes. According to the introduction, Mr. Li chose a project with a relatively low degree of terror and accompanied his son into the chamber.”When entering a pass appeared coffin, spirit cards and other props, there are real people disguised as a ghost jumped out from the coffin, and then matched with the horror of the music, the picture thriller unceasingly!”Mr. Li said he was shocked when he found his son was scared, so he stopped the game and exited the chamber.After returning home, Mr. Li’s children can’t sleep at night, after closing their eyes “see ghosts” and nightmares and other adverse reactions.In fact, because of playing the chamber of secrets to escape, the script to kill the game caused by the “wounding” events have been reported.It was reported that in July 2020, the 12-year-old son of a woman surnamed Wang in Nanning, Guangxi Province, had to be hospitalized after being scared by the scary game plot because he was playing an escape room.In August 2020, a nine-year-old boy in Changsha hit his head while trying to avoid “capture” in a secret room.”Minors do not have rich life experience, psychological capacity is limited, when emergencies or stimulating factors appear, will show palpitation and discomfort.”National two psychological consultant, dinghai mind about the head of the studio shi Bingbing introduced, if not timely psychological counseling, children will leave psychological shadows, a long time, there will be mental illness.New business type unsupervised?According to the report, Mr. Li had multiple rights protection on the scare of children, but because the chamber of secrets escape industry does not have the relevant standard requirements and no door to complain.For this, Mr Li calls on relevant departments to strengthen chamber industry supervision, protect minors physical and mental health.”The chamber of Secrets, script killing is still in the early stage of development, the competent body is not clear, there is indeed a ‘blank’ supervision, so we are in the usual performance of the industry is also particularly careful and attention.”According to the prosecutor of Dinghai District Procuratorate, as early as February 2022, the hospital found fire safety hazards in the decoration of some escape rooms in the special work safety management activities, which reflects that there are certain problems in the supervision of the operation of such new forms of business.The hospital then jointly with cultural, radio and tourism sports, market supervision, fire and other functional departments for the area of more than 10 secret rooms, script killing business places to carry out centralized visits and investigations.In the investigation, it was found that some business places exposed wires exist fire safety hazards. “Some theme scenes and scripts of secret rooms and play killing places have superstition and terror content to a certain extent. In the operation of such places, the content involved is not properly classified, nor is there proper restrictions on minors’ participation.Prosecutors said the investigation also found that many escape rooms, script killing places are food business behavior, but did not apply for food business license, pre-packaged food business record.In addition, the construction and decoration projects in the business site are put into business without the record, review and acceptance of fire design. There are problems in the business site, such as blocked fire access, insufficient necessary fire fighting facilities, and illegal use of flammable decoration materials, etc., which have great potential safety risks.On February 25, dinghai district procuratorate falls in the guidance of Zhoushan city procuratorate, call the market to supervise, fire control, culture and wide travel body to wait for 8 departments and people’s supervisor, industry representative, student representative, held an area of jurisdiction secret room to escape, script to kill industry management hearing, each party on the meeting fully published their opinions and suggestions.After discussion, the people’s supervisors agreed that it is necessary for the procuratorial organs and administrative supervision departments to regulate various risks and hidden dangers in the industry in a timely manner.One tube and die?According to the 2021 entity script killing consumption insight report released in June 2021, the domestic script killing market scale is expected to exceed 15 billion yuan in 2021, and the consumer scale may reach 9.41 million.Obviously, the development of script killing and escape room industry has become a market trend.”Tighter regulation is bound to hit the development of the industry. Will it kill you?”How to manage this rapidly growing industry?After the hearing, the Dinghai District Procuratorate conducted in-depth communication with eight functional departments on strengthening industry norms, and reached consensus on clarifying industry supervision responsibilities, improving daily supervision methods, and strengthening the protection of minors.Subsequently, in view of some problems existing in the secret room and script killing industry, Dinghai District Procuratorate issued procuratorial suggestions to the relevant functional departments, urging them to perform their duties according to law, strengthen industry supervision, and promote the healthy development of the industry: it is suggested that the relevant functional departments strengthen supervision, requiring the secret room escape businesses to carry out strict age control;Bring the food safety of escape rooms and playbook killing places into the scope of daily food safety supervision;Special investigation was carried out on the hidden danger of fire safety in the operation place of escape room and script killing in the area under the jurisdiction, and the found illegal acts of fire safety were dealt with and urged for rectification in accordance with the law, and the daily fire supervision and inspection of the industry was jointly strengthened.”Operators should take the initiative to screen the contents of escape rooms and scripts to ensure that they are not allowed to promote obscenity, pornography, gambling, violent profits and drug-related illegal and criminal activities…”On April 2, ding Hai district procuratorate united market supervision, fire control, culture and wide travel body and other supervision departments held a chamber of secrets to escape, play to kill industry management, to the whole area of more than 10 industries to manage the door for warning.At the meeting, practitioners also signed the industry self-discipline convention, focusing on the secret room escape, play to kill the theme and content, business scope and so on to make a principled agreement, and on the legal compliance management, actively cooperate with the supervision, convention implementation and so on to make the requirements.Chamber of escape, scripts, kill practitioners to sign industry self-discipline pledge “we believe that the chamber of secrets escape, the script is a development potential of the industry, as one of the first to eat crab entrepreneurs, we need to do is to seize the opportunity in crisis, efforts to the development of the industry as a display of wisdom and love, to carry forward the culture of positive energy consumption talent.”So said a meeting of practitioners.”Strengthening regulation is not about cracking down on management, but about keeping the bottom line of safety for society. Inclusive and prudent regulation is not about leaving things alone. We need to use legal and market oversight to encourage business entities to take the initiative to improve their internal skills, so that they can escape from secret rooms and return to the essence of entertainment and cultural dissemination.”The relevant person in charge of The Dinghai District Procuratorate said that the next step, the procuratorial organ will continue to follow up, joint relevant functions and other departments, through external supervision and industry self-discipline, and jointly promote the healthy development of the secret room, script killing industry.On April 1, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a draft of a notice from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the State Administration of Market Regulation, on regulating scripted entertainment activities.The notice consists of three parts and involves ten items. Offline script killing and escape from secret rooms are unified under supervision as new forms of script entertainment business activities.The draft also explicitly requires that scripts have age-appropriate prompts, and entertainment activities for minors should not be provided outside national holidays, rest days and summer and winter holidays.It is understood that Shanghai, Liaoning and other places have issued local management policies for “script killing”, the “notice” is the first national script killing, escape room management norms.(wechat public account of Zhoushan Procuratorate, Dinghai District Procuratorate, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province)