The first phase scale of 160 million!Collect all 5 universities!Henan has a big project

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On the morning of February 18, the information Office of henan Provincial Government held a press conference on financial Policies supporting the development of science and technology innovation. After the press conference, the joint fund signing ceremony of henan Provincial science and technology R&D program was held.Top news · Henan Business Daily learned that the first phase of the joint fund has been preliminarilyconfirmed, with a total of 7 cooperative units including Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Science and Technology, Henan Agricultural University, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Henan University of Technology, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Henan Meteorological Bureau participating.The first phase will be implemented for 3 years with a total scale of 160 million yuan. The government will invest 29.3 million yuan and cooperative units 24.2 million yuan each year on average. The two sides will jointly organize and implement a batch of provincial science and technology projects focusing on basic research.Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology chief engineer He Zhibi introduced that in the selection of cooperation units and key areas, closely combined with the province’s major innovation needs and public welfare people’s livelihood.Centering on the “double first-class” project, strengthen the cultivation of “double first-class” universities and superior disciplines, and build a high-level research-oriented university;To support the provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to become a national source of agricultural science and technology innovation;We will strengthen meteorological research, improve our ability to prevent and mitigate meteorological disasters, and guard against meteorological disasters.Hope that through the joint fund, he said, the exploration of practice, the way of further fiscal expenditure on science and technology innovation, give full play to the leverage of financial capital, to encourage and stimulate the development of cities and counties, leading enterprises, colleges and universities, institutes and other multilateral force joint action, guide and stimulate the development of more social resources into the field of innovation, perfecting the diversified, multi-channel, multi-level system of investment in science and technology,We will form a synergy of the whole society to support scientific and technological innovation, and provide a strong guarantee for building China into an innovation hub.Source: Henan Business Daily