The Leading Party Group of Chenggu Court thoroughly studied Excerpts of Xi Jinping’s Treatise on Paying Attention to The Construction of Family Education and Family Tradition

2022-06-09 0 By

On February 8, the People’s Court of Chenggu County held a party meeting to study “Excerpts of Xi Jinping’s Treatises on Paying attention to the Construction of Family Education and Family Tradition”.Yu Jiawu, acting president, presided over the meeting.The meeting stressed that the leading cadre to knock “alarm clock”, yan tree “safety valve”, keep the “warm harbor”, according to based on education, with a view to preventing and active surveillance, the requirements of the reach mark, on a regular basis from time to time, layer upon layer for heart-to-heart talks, through the way of remind concerned about interaction, share investigation experience, strengthen the leading cadre honest self-discipline consciousness.The meeting required that the whole hospital should earnestly implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on the construction of family style of family education and the provisions of the clean government system, strengthen the construction of family style of family education of judges and police, and build a solid ideological and moral defense line against corruption and degeneration;Designed and printed “clean government” cards, distributed to all police officers and their families, urging family members to often blow “clean government”, build a solid “firewall”, be a good “goalkeeper”.Editor: Fan Jing; Editor: Zhai Liqiang; Editor: Yao Qiming