Taiwan office workers feel ‘like poor’ as wages Fail to keep pace with prices

2022-06-09 0 By

The average salary of office workers in Taiwan will not catch up with inflation in 2021, according to a survey released on Monday, with respondents feeling “quasi-poverty”.According to statistics from Taiwan Manpower Bank 1111, the average salary of an office worker last year was nt $37,200, down 1.57 percent year on year and the first drop in five years.Real regular salary was about 41,400 yuan, 0.04% less than last year.A spokesman for 1111 Manpower Bank said that although the Taiwan administration “general Statistics Office” revised up the annual GDP to 6.28%, but did not reflect the real “salary” of workers, coupled with the consumer price index kept rising, resulting in workers’ “quasi-poverty” feeling more and more profound.The survey shows that in May last year, when Taiwan was on a level 3 alert due to COVID-19, the “general service industry”, “tourism, leisure and sports” and “catering and accommodation service” industries were hit hard. Their monthly performance was the lowest (between 33,000 and 34,000 yuan), but they were among the top (over 3.8%) in terms of recession.Transportation, logistics, warehousing and trade and electronic technology, information, software and semiconductors were the only industries that did not see wage declines.Taiwan’s Yes123 job search website recently released an online survey titled “Year of the Tiger Salary Satisfaction and Promotion Difficulties” covering more than 1,300 respondents.It showed that more than 93 per cent of workers in Taiwan were dissatisfied with their current pay, the highest in nine years.He also requested a salary increase of $5,680, up $162 from last year.Source: Chinanews.com