Hot and sour powder is a famous snack in Guizhou.Yiwu gate white fire all over Guiyang’s ins and outs

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Speaking of guizhou snacks, people first thought might be rice and silk baby, and hot and sour powder – from chongqing and guiyang people think of the righteousness of the White House door hot and sour powder, open shop less than in downtown chongqing, in guiyang in spicy Chinese era, hot of this pain rather than the sense of taste, is the key that cross-domain open traffic entrance.(the door white home guiyang austral flower kam shop customers) mall store in guiyang first fire in 2015, made its franchisees brand catering ZhangLi, saw a righteous door of the White House in guiyang napa stores sell miscellaneous sauce hot and sour powder, taste, and is to your liking, then find the chongqing righteousness door, Chen, head of the White House is also asking to join us.In fact, at that time, the Righteousness gate white family just started to join, feeling the stones across the river, all aspects have not kept up with, Guiyang’s first four righteousness gate White family franchise stores, business is not hot, and did not cause too much attention.”The reason that I joined the gates of righteousness white home, because of chongqing partial spicy taste, guizhou partial hot and sour taste, the taste of hot and sour powder, just hot and sour, category name nor understanding deviation, and guizhou people like to eat” powder “foods, my first time to eat hot and sour powder to the gates of righteousness White House, feel good, so feel bound to be successful.”He said that the previous four stores in Guiyang are not good business, should just be the problem of operation itself, their vision is not a problem.Zhang Liwen’s first Yimen Baijia franchise store was located in Nanguo Huajin, a shopping mall with the best business in Guiyang at that time. The 21 square storefront cost more than 40,000 yuan per month, which was already the rent ceiling in Guiyang.Zhang Liwen, who likes to inspect food around the country, said that if the flow of people is enough, the rent will be more tolerable. Although Nanguo Flower Jin is a shopping mall store, its operation time is relatively limited, but he believes that guiyang people will like this taste.Sure enough, the store became popular soon after it was opened, with the highest monthly turnover reaching 240,000 yuan. Although it could not compare with the most popular store in Yimen Baijia in Chongqing, it was profitable after covering the cost. Guiyang people fell in love with the hot and sour noodles with mixed sauce from Chongqing at once, as much as local rice noodles.(Yiwu gate White House Guiyang Hongtong city store also conquered the taste buds of Guiyang people) region to join the sweet zhang Liwen soon opened a second Yiwu gate White House franchise store in Guiyang Hongtong City, Red City is also a large flow of people in Guiyang shopping center, this store and he opened the first store in the same way, business is hot.At this time, Zhang Liwen saw a more long-term future, he found the headquarters, asked to do the regional franchise, after negotiations, Zhang Liwen got guiyang, Kaiyang County, Xifeng County, Xiuwen County regional franchise right, “we also want to quickly open guiyang market, and then open the situation in guizhou.”Chen Hua, founder of Yimen Baijia, said he saw zhang’s strength in jump-starting the market.In the following two years, Zhang Liwen has opened ten Yimen Baijia franchise stores, the common feature of these stores is that they are all “shopping mall stores”, some are located in snack area, some belong to the big catering area, but because this brand has played a reputation in Guiyang, each store business is good.”Yimen Baijia company does not compete with franchisees, let go of the regional franchise, we have the opportunity for rapid expansion, and we will feel that the brand is their own.”Zhang Liwen said, “We always adhere to the original taste, will not cut corners on seasonings, mixed sauce, to ensure that in one city and three counties of Guiyang eat yimen Baijia hot and sour powder are the same taste.”Zhang Liwen invited the store manager Shen Jie said that the psychological expectation of the store in the mall is a little higher, but the price of Yimen Baijia sauce hot and sour powder is 12 yuan, we think it is cheap in the mall, which is also a price comparison advantage of the mall store.Like many cities, snack track more competitive in these two years, guiyang silk baby, blame lu meal off one after another, such as the hot and sour powder has become the guiyang city like a catering form, righteousness door White House played in here, almost become synonymous with category, but ZhangLi text in guiyang to prescribe more steps of a white door shops, will not stop.